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Alyssa DePasqua

Alyssa DePasqua, Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Alyssa DePasqua and this is my first year on the Insight staff. I’ve always liked the media and have always wanted to be a part of reporting major stories, so I took the introductory journalism course last year and I loved it. The way that, as a journalist, I get to interview sources and piece my story together to inform the readers of things happening in our school environment and outside of school had appealed to me from the very beginning. Some of my interests include football, softball, pop culture and the entertainment industry, and music. Another thing I love about journalism is you can report on almost anything, which gives me the opportunity to write about what I love. I’m hoping for an exciting year on Insight, amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and all the wrenches it’s thrown into this school year. I’m also looking to learn a lot more from my fellow staff members and my editors to learn more about journalism and how I can improve my journalistic skills.

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Alyssa DePasqua