BHS Insight

2018-2019 Staff

Graciella Arrascue

Online Editor

Reason she joined Insight • “ I’ve always really like to write and had been super excited to join Insight since 8th grade. I thought it would be fun and the best way to learn about what it really takes to put out a paper.” Fun Fact • “ I’m a...

Skylar Bowman

Production Manager

Reason she joined Insight • “ I joined Insight as a junior because I love to write and I was growing tired of my regular English classes. Producing an actual newspaper has been an exciting change and it’s helped me to find joy in writing again.” F...

Kayla Jorgensen

Staff Writer

Meet Kayla Jorgensen who is a senior and staff writer/video editor for Insight. You may have heard her laughing like a hyena on B2B or seen her running across the PAC stage. She enjoys daydreaming of graduating from film school...

Stephanie Stiles

Opinion and Editorial Editor

Stephanie Stiles is a junior and the Opinion and Editorial Editor. Despite her friendly and innocent persona, deep down she is a Slytherin. During conversations she frequently slips into random accents or musical lyrics. Stephanie...

Margo SIlliman

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Junior Margo Silliman is the Arts and Entertainment editor for Insight, which to her entails watching pop culture highlights from Marvel to Masterpiece Classic to 30 Rock, listening to a hearty amount of Led Zeppelin, and online...

Linnea Fawkes

Social Media Manager

Reason you joined Insight• “ I love to write about topics I am passionate about and working as a team with others. Writing and expressing my thoughts has always been my strong suit. I love reading newspapers and have always...

Emma Garrity

Staff Writer

Reason you joined Insight• “ With the new 7 classes I had to decide how to fill the extra block and I like to write, thought it would be fun. Really though, I organized a 5k run last year with a friend in honor of a slain...

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