Allison Nystrom has All Seasons Covered When it Comes to Sports


Photo by (Courtesy of) Allison Nystrom

Allison makes one of her many great plays

Abby Olsen, Staff Writer

There is no shortage of talent in junior Allison Nystrom. While many high school students may dabble in one sport, Nystrom excels in three.

  Nystrom plays basketball as a forward and center, volleyball as backrow and outside hitter and she is a skipper on the sailing team.

To Nystrom, being so involved in high school has worked out very well, “I stay in shape year round and since I’m on three different teams, I get to have friends from each,” said Nystrom.

Being so involved has subsequently meant that Nystrom is very busy and has little time to spare for anything outside of school, “I only hangout with my friends on weekends. My social life and my sports life are kind of the same,” said Nystrom.

Nystrom gets to enjoy the little things from each sport, her favorite thing about each being her teammates from basketball, the competitiveness of volleyball and the opportunity to be on the water in sailing.

Having talent is a large component of being a good athlete, but it’s being a team player and having good values that can set you apart; and Nystrom is evidence of that.  

Through volleyball, Nystrom said that she learned many things about being on a team, “A lot of it is just about teamwork and how you really need to work with your team and just be nice to each other. The whole thing is teamwork and supporting each other even when you do something bad.”

“Allison has been such an important part of my volleyball experience. I’ve seen her motivate all of my teammates including myself and she’s always cracking a joke to lighten the mood. She’s the most hardworking and determined one out there.” said teammate Emma Tilton of Nystrom.

Nystrom’s mentality for playing three sports in high school was that it was a sure way to make sure that she was ready to go for each season, “I liked all three sports a lot and I actually wanted to stay in shape, so I figured that each sport would help with the other sports.” said Nystrom.

 Nystrom’s advice for aspiring three sport athletes, is to do school work on time and avoid procrastinating at all costs.