Q&A With Franklin Pierce Lacrosse Commit Nick Cattabriga


Photo by (Courtesy of) Nick Cattabriga

Nick is headed to Franklin Pierce

Abby Olsen, Staff Writer

As of this week, there are multiple BHS seniors who have committed to play a sport at the collegiate level for the following year. Insight is seizing the opportunity to interview these athletes throughout the spring as they prepare for the next phase in their athletic careers.


  •  Where are you committed? 

 Franklin Pierce University 


  1.  What position do you play? 



  •  When did you start playing lacrosse? 

7th grade


  •  Did you always have a passion for lacrosse? 

No, hockey was always my main sport. It wasn’t until eighth grade that I actually fell in love with the sport.


  • Was there a moment or time when you realized that lacrosse was something that you wanted to pursue collegiately?

Yes, when I started playing club and started getting offers, I realized I truly was going to play lacrosse at the next level.


  • What is your favorite thing about the sport?


I just love competing. Being able to grind all year and to be able to put your skills and hard work on full display to try and win, I love it. 


  • What is the greatest lesson that you have learned from lacrosse?


You can’t take your foot off the gas. The only thing that got me into college for lacrosse was a highlight tape from sophomore year.

You have to always go 100%, because you never know what it could mean. ”

— Nick Catabrigga


  • What are some goals that you have for college lacrosse?


Win a national championship. And beat my brother’s team, Saint Anselm.


  • Is there someone or something that has inspired you in your sports career?


My older brother Jon has been my biggest inspiration. He has always taken me under his wing and has inspired me to try harder or run faster or be better. Without him, I truly do not know what I would be like.


  • What has been your biggest achievement in lacrosse?


I would probably say making the varsity lacrosse team my freshman year. I had grinded so hard in order to make that roster. A close second would be me being voted captain this year. I have been playing with these guys all of high school, and they chose me to lead them. That’s the greatest honor a man can have.


  • What are challenges that you have faced or obstacles you’ve overcome in getting where you are today?


Getting myself to believe that with hard work you truly can do anything. I started lacrosse later then most kids on my team, yet I’ve gotten as far as I have because of my work ethic


  • What about your sport motivates you the most? 

Every play, every moment, every second matters. You can’t flinch or your team could end up losing the game. You have to be the toughest, both physically and mentally, if you are to come out on top.


  • Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

I drink an excessive amount of pre workout and listen to my pump up playlist. There’s a few songs that just put me in the zone. Everything goes quiet and all I see is myself, alone on a field. It’s intense.


  • What are other interests or hobbies that you have?

 I love to hunt, fish, workout, and play video games with the boys. 


  • Do you have a piece of advice for aspiring young athletes?


Failure is the greatest teacher known to man. Just because you get cut from a team or don’t play much doesn’t mean you should [complain]. Remember that pain, improve yourself, and emerge from the smoke victorious.