Only On Wednesdays

Skylar Bowman, Staff Writer

What could you do with your time in 50 minutes? Watch a TV show? Take a nap? Drive to Burger King, sit down, eat a fat meal and drive back? That’s the amount of time Eddie Donovan takes to drive to school every day from Raynham and his parents generously pay for the gas.

Donovan, a senior at Barnstable High School, transferred to BHS from Bridgewater Raynham in November of 2017 for Barnstable’s music and hockey programs. Currently, he’s one of two goalies on the BHS Varsity Boys Hockey Team.

On top of an already busy schedule, Donovan is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of a band named Only on Wednesdays, or OOW for short. You heard that right, a hockey player has his own band, and he sings.

Donovan credits his musical roots to his dad who is also no stranger to the music scene. Currently, his dad is part of a cover band called “19th Nervous Breakdown”, and used to write and sing original music in a band called “Friday’s Child”.

When he was 16, Donovan put an ad in Craigslist looking for members to start a band of his own. Surprisingly, the people that responded were all people he knew, either through music or mutual friends.

          Ethan Putnam, 18, is the band’s lead guitarist, Jaxon Mason, 17, plays bass and does vocals, and his brother Tristan Mason, 20, plays drums. All three of them live in West Bridgewater and Jaxon Mason and Putnam are seniors at West Bridgewater High School.

Although West Bridgewater is a hike from Barnstable, Donovan lives just 15 minutes away in Raynham, making it easy for the band to communicate and rehearse, which they do once or twice a week depending on shows, said Donovan.

Only on Wednesdays has done shows at a variety of venues including dive bars, outdoor cabanas, and recently an event for the Mashpee Boys and Girls Club.

“That’s probably one of the best shows I’ve ever played,” Donovan said.

The band split the proceeds with the Mashpee Boys and Girls Club and the club’s Keystone program, a program that works to “give kids who don’t have stable environments at home a place to come and enjoy,” said Hunter Barry, vice president of the program and a senior at Barnstable High School.

But where did the name Only on Wednesdays come from? According to Donovan, the name stems from an inside joke and the group wasn’t even planning on keeping the name permanently. However, it stuck and still stands.

At shows, OOW plays everything from covers, including the Drake and Josh theme song, to their own original music, such as songs titled “Coup De Grace,” meaning “the blow that kills,” and “Filthy Liar,” a song Donovan wrote about someone in his past.

OOW’s music is pop punk, Donovan said (but emphasis on the pop).

“You say punk and people think you do screamo, but we don’t do screamo,” said Donovan.

According to Jaxon Mason, part of his job in the band is to “play and write music that has a more classy sound than any of the other emo/thrash punk bands that [they] play with.”

“Even just this past show I played, every band told us we had a sound about us that was so much purer and classic punk than any other band on the scene,” said Jaxon Mason.

After the band’s seniors graduate, OOW and its members plan to move to California and try to reach the music scene in L.A., while also attending community college.

If you’re interested in checking out OOW’s music, it’s available on most streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

You can also keep up with the group by following their social media. Their instagram handle is @_onlyonwednesdays_ and they are on Facebook as OOW, though they post there less often.

So if you’re craving new music, support a fellow Barnstable student and check this band out.