Last Day To Get Tickets For Eighth Grade Dance


Photo by Eric Arabadzhiev

Students line up to get their ticket to the eighth grade dance.

Eric Arabadzhiev, Staff Writer

Stress, tests, needing to navigate a new school. The eighth graders have had to deal with it all, and now it is time to let loose. The Eighth Grade Dance will be this Friday, June 17 from 6 to 9pm. It will be the first Eighth Grade Dance since the 2019 dance with the current junior class. Snacks, drinks, dancing and games will be provided. Tickets will be sold during lunches from June 8 to to June 15. 

This year’s dance will be a masquerade, which means that participants wear masks as a part of a costume. According to  class advisor Jennifer Holland, “It was an idea brought to me by our eighth grade volunteer board, and it adds an extra bit of flair to our celebration.” 

The Eighth graders will also get a taste of what senior prom is like, as the senior class has generously donated their prom decorations to be used for the eighth grade dance. The dance will be held in the courtyard and the junior senior cafe. 

This creates a “really cool indoor outdoor experience where students can dance, eat and play games wherever they like,” said Holland.

 Holland said that the ultimate goal is to create an experience that people who normally don’t want to go to these types of events will feel welcomed. One way they are trying to achieve this goal is by having a Google Form available for students to input your music preferences. Portuguese and Spanish-speaking students will also have a chance to input songs in their languages to be played. 

Holland said she wants to “break down all of the barriers separating us and join together to celebrate as one whole eighth grade class.”  

Eighth grader Ali Riaz summarized by saying that he wants to go “and have fun with friends to celebrate the end point of our eighth grade year together.”