BHS Cracks Down on Security


Photo by Kenzie Vetorino

Students keep their ID’s on their backpacks rather than their necks.

Kenzie Vetorino, Staff Writer

Over the last several years Barnstable High School security has slowly evolved to meet the safety concerns of the larger world. From photo IDs to identify each student, to vape sensors installed in every bathroom, there has been a noticeable change over the last several years.

With recent fighting that has been happening all over the school Principal Elizabeth Freedman said she thought it was best to give the school some extra security. Those involved in the fights have consequences that can either be short term or long term. There have also been some positive alternatives to out of school suspensions for short term help, and students work on the issues they personally need help with. One way a student can seek help is through the new peer mediation program that has just started up in school. This program is made up of students that are trained to escalate the conflict at hand. Freedman also talked about how the business and senior history classes are working on school spirit with various projects they are doing and the same with eighth grade civics class. 

“We want to make everything more fun and everything more enjoyable, ” said Freedman, “this won’t get rid of all the problems but we are hoping it will help.” 

Other than ensuring students are following the lanyard policy, there have not been anymore additions to security but there are some in the works. Freedman said that there has been talk of getting a grant to redo the main entrance and how people come into the building. They would make it more of a double door with a buzzer rather than the one door that they have now. Freedman said that nothing has happened to cause this to possibly happen; it is just something that has been thought of to make students and staff feel more comfortable. 

“We are always thinking about how we can be more secure here and keep everyone safe,” Freedman said.

Along with the crack down on this ID rule has come a new rule. If a student does not have their ID with them and a teacher notices it is now an infraction. According to Associate Principal, Melissa Peters, wearing IDs is the first step in identifying not only students but adults who belong in the building.  Peters also said that an administrative team met to discuss appropriate consequences for not wearing IDs. There is a progressive approach to the consequences for not having/wearing an ID. This can include robo call home, personal phone call, detention, second detention, Saturday School, and consideration for loss of privileges. 

I think that it is important to note that the reason that IDs are important to wear is part of keeping our school safe,” Peters said.