Shrek is Ready for BHS


Photo by Cece Brisbois

Ellie O’toole, who plays Fiona prepares for the performance.

Cece Brisbois, Staff Writer

After two years with a depreciation of the performing arts at Barnstable High School, BHSDC is back with its upcoming spring musical, Shrek. Shrek the Musical, performed by students and teachers here at Barnstable High School will be debuting on March 24th in the Performing Arts Center led by brand new director, Mary Barth. The performance is sure to be filled with an eager cast excited to get back on stage and show BHS what they have accomplished in only 3 months.

Rocky La Belle, a homeschooled senior, is the lead character, Shrek in two out of the four performances as they have separated the casting into “Swamp Cast,” and “Forest Cast.”  Garett Wiseman, a junior, will play Shrek in the remaining two performances for the “Forest Cast.” “Shrek” will be the first time performing on stage for La Belle.“I feel about as ready for opening night as I will be. This will be my first time performing on a stage and in a room as big as the PAC so I’m slightly nervous as I anticipate that. Otherwise, I’m stoked for this show to get on the road,” said La Belle.  

Ellie O’ Toole, a junior, will be playing Fiona, the other lead, with Maryana Crawley, junior, as the other Fiona. O’Toole has been in the drama club since the sixth grade. Although this will not be her first time on stage she still shares the same nerves as La Belle. “ I’m definitely still nervous, but I feel really confident that my cast is gonna put on an incredible show because everyone’s been working so hard,” said O’ Toole. After production began in December, both agree that everything has begun to come together in the musical, such as choreography, songs, and harmonies. 

The announcement of the musical did come with some fears though. For example, some of the cast doubted the choice of “Shrek” as their spring musical in the beginning. “Shrek the musical” has received much backlash from critics claiming it doesn’t deserve such a great soundtrack. Nonetheless, the choice of “Shrek” grew on much of the cast and crew once they began production. Although it can come off as a childish or shallow show, La Belle said, “The show has a great balance of emotional development, strong character traits, and slap-stick humor. I wouldn’t be afraid to advise anyone to set high standards because I can confidently assure them they will not be disappointed.” 

Shrek the Musical is adapted from the well known 2001 movie “Shrek.” It was made for the stage and performed on Broadway in 2008. The BHS Drama Club is set to have four performances over the span of three days. You can catch Shrek the musical March 24 through March 26 2022 with tickets being available now.