Ten Questions with Callie-Jo Calla


Callie-Jo Calla, 8th grader, would describe herself in one word as “Loyal.”

Ava Lubash, Staff Writer

1. If someone gives you an elephant, you can’t sell it or give it away. What do you do with the elephant?


“Probably use it for transportation because people would be scared to come near me and I’d get to where I needed to go fast.”

   2. If you had access to a time machine, would you travel to the future or to the past?


“Definitely past because it would be fun to experience what my parents and grandparents were like before I was born. And also it’d be cool to live through historical events.”

3. Who is your biggest role model and why?


“My mom’s best friend for sure. She started her own shop and that within itself is a struggle, but she persevered. I also feel like she is always herself in disregard of others’ thoughts on it and I think that’s how everyone should be.” 


4. What is one goal that you would like to accomplish by the end of the year?


“I guess just figuring out future career options and what I want to do with my life in general.”

5. You can only listen to one song for the rest of your life, which would it be?


“Vienna, by Billy Joel.”


6. If you could interview any artist whether dead or alive, who would it be?


“Elvis, because my grandpa is an Elvis Presley impersonator.”


7. What do you think is your most useless talent?


“Probably the weird folding tongue thingy, or maybe the ability to cross my eyes.”

8. If you could change your name, what would your new name be?


“Jo, I mean people call me that anyway.”

9. What has been your funniest moment so far at BHS?


“On picture day my teacher said to me ‘You’re wearing that for pictures?’”. 

10. What is one word you’d say describes yourself?