Q&A With Barnstable Student Athlete and Field Hockey Commit Leah Pierce


Photo by (Courtesy of) Leah Peirce

Peirce on the Field

Abby Olsen, Staff Writer

As of this week, there are multiple BHS seniors who have committed to play a sport at the collegiate level in the following year. Insight is seizing the opportunity to interview these athletes throughout the spring as they prepare for the next phase in their athletic careers.


1.Where are you committed?

Westfield State University


2. What position do you play?



3. When did you start playing field hockey?

6th grade rec 


4. Did you always have a passion for field hockey?

Yes, ever since I got my hands on a stick I’ve had so much love for it.


5. Was there a moment or time when you realized that field hockey was something that you wanted to pursue collegiately?

Yes, when I joined a club team and began playing field hockey year-round I realized I want to play in college.


6. What is your favorite thing about the sport?

The bond I make with my teammates and how we all have a passion for the sport. We were all super supportive of each other so it made it more fun to play, celebrating goals, good defensive stops, and winning games.


7. What is the greatest lesson that you have learned from field hockey?

That when something doesn’t go your way, try again in a different approach”

— Leah Peirce

. In field hockey if I can’t stop the ball the first time then reposition and come in another angle/side and try again.


8. What are some goals that you have for college field hockey?

Have a great bond with all the girls on the team, get as much playing time as I can, score as many goals as I can.


9. Is there someone or something that has inspired you in your sports career?

My parents have played a huge role in supporting me to do what I love. From helping pay for highschool and club field hockey, coming to all my games, and being my biggest supporters. Also my best friend on and off the field, Reagan Hicks, she has motivated me to always give my all and has helped push me to be the best player I can be and has been by my side throughout all of our seasons together and I wouldn’t be the player I am without her help, support, and extra practicing together in the off season.


10. What has been your biggest achievement in field hockey?

Being named senior captain last season and being able to help lead my last high school season of the sport I love.


11. What are challenges that you have faced or obstacles you’ve overcome in getting where you are today?

Having bad plays in games and losing games that leave me upset have been a big obstacle I’ve faced throughout the years, but by remembering they’re only little things in the whole game or season and that I can come out better and stronger has helped me overcome the little erros I make, instead I have the mindset to play even better onward from that point.


12.What about your sport motivates you the most?

By being a mostly midfield player I am able to both score goals along with getting back on defense and stop the other team from scoring on us.


13. Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

Before every game I put on USA undersocks, a Nike headband, and hit my stick to each shineguard 4 times each before the game starts.


14. What are other interests or hobbies that you have?

I’m very interested in law/criminal justice, which is what I’ll be majoring in this fall. Another reason I thought Westfield would be the perfect fit for me is because they have one of the best criminal justice majors in the country.


15. Do you have a piece of advice for aspiring young athletes?

       Never give up, never doubt yourself. You’ll be surprised what you are able to accomplish. There’s only room for improvement and your skills to get better. Always put in that extra effort for the sport, show up to practice early, always go hard even at practices, never be afraid to ask for help, practice in the off season, and if you are thinking about playing in college, go for it, reach out to college coaches, go to their clinics, email them showing your interest and send them some of your game footage/skills.