Last Minute Easter Decor


Photo by Sailor Ciluzzi

A set of flowers arranged at the Ciluzzi residence.

Sailor Ciluzzi, Staff Writer

Easter for many of us feels refreshing after a long cold winter, and it somehow renews peoples’ happiness and joy. It’s that time of year when flowers bloom, birds start singing, and bumblebees start buzzing. But before you dig into your delicious ham dinner, decorate your home with bright flowers, cute accessories, and soft colors. To help you get in the festive mood, below are some easy, fun decorations to brighten your everyday life at home.    

Add Color with a Green Centerpiece

Add some festivity with a green display on your kitchen island, dinner table, coffee table, or side table. You can use greens like basil, mint, wheatgrass, or lemongrass. 

Fill a Vase with Beautiful Flowers

This simple arrangement is easy to pull off. You may already have flowers that have bloomed in your backyard, so go out and cut some to add a pop of color into your home. 

Mason Jars Filled with Flowers  

Here’s a decorative way of adding more jars to your decor, and who can’t get enough of mason jars? 

Festive Wreaths 

Outside your house is the first impression and appearance of your guests, friends, and family. A festive floral wreath hanging on your front door will welcome people cheerfully and set the spring mood. 

Spring Kitchen Decor

Put some spring cheer into your kitchen by adding some bright, everyday items. One example is lemon print napkins and towel sets. That addition will add a fun, bright pop of color to any kitchen. This is a perfect way to brighten up your space and transition from winter to spring. 

Bright Pillows and Throws 

Mixing it up with your linens is a perfect and affordable way to do so! Pastel-colored pillows and blankets will add a perfect touch of spring to your cozy home. 

After looking over the fun, festive spring decor ideas above, I hope you will consider getting in the spring mood and start to decorate your houses with pastels, flowers, and more.