Editorial- 2021 Wishes… New Year Please!

There is no doubting that 2020 has inflicted more sickness, hardships and frustrations upon our world than anyone could have predicted, but we are ready to embrace any and all things that 2021 has to offer.  Here are insight’s hopes and dreams for the new year:


We Wish…

For in-person school learning where a mask is not required and we are in an environment where we can be social. The cohorts put into place at Barnstable High School have separated many from their friends and eliminated any chance of class unity in a time where morale is already low. With desks placed six feet apart, silent lunches, and no lockers, the social aspect of school is almost nonexistent. While this increases productivity in classes, it subsequently affects student disposition.

That 2021 will bring us back some of the simpler joys of school like cookies on Tuesdays and Thursdays and nachos at lunch.

For seniors to get the final spring they deserve: prom, a class trip, and graduation. So much has already been revoked this year; there is no need to take away more. In addition, younger students at BHS should be given a normal sense of high school and be able to find their footing. There was so much stress around class conflicts and holes in schedules this year, so hopefully students can be in their favored classes when next fall rolls around.

That our school can experience events next year that we weren’t able to this year: homecoming, sporting events and meeting for clubs after school. We acknowledge it is not likely that the school will be able to open its doors back up to everyone with no regulations in January, but we hope that by the beginning of next school year the halls of BHS can start getting back to normal… and be two-way again.

For teachers to receive the appreciation and respect that they deserve. Teachers have been forced to adapt quickly to remote learning and find ways to engage their students. We truly value their effort and commitment to teaching in these unprecedented times and hope that everyone can acknowledge their hard work. 

That we can get justice for the lost life of Breonna Taylor and that her murderers are arrested and charged accordingly. In an extension of this, police reform movements need to be happening across the nation so that all cops who have abused their power and let their racist views interfere with their work can be brought punishment. 

That the movements and protests that erupted last spring supporting BLM continue even after the news stories slow down. Equal treatment is an unequivocal right that all citizens of the United States are to be granted, and for people, especially those with authority, to deny this and act out of spite towards people of color has to change.

For all victims to get justice and feel heard, especially those who have suffered from rape. We hope that the “Me too” movement continues to grow awareness and provide an outlet for people to speak up for themselves.

For all isms to be left behind so that we can live in a true united America where people are not afraid or feel shame for being who they are.

For unity to be regained within our nation. With a global pandemic, controversial election and racial injustice sparking several protests and movements, our country’s true colors were exposed and we were left divided. 

For the Corona Virus to be taken seriously and treated accordingly. The pandemic showed us the blatant disregard that President Donald Trump had for the well-being of his country. We feel that he swept Covid under the rug until it was a full-blown crisis causing us the loss of 300,000 people within our nation. We hope that President-elect Joe Biden can act against the virus quickly and efficiently, with more concern for the lives of Americans than Trump had.

For Biden to turn over a new leaf in this nation and lead without hate, ignorance or disrespect. That he can set a positive example, hold himself accountable for mistakes and actively support all people regardless of race, socioeconomic status, sexuality or gender.

To find some sense of normalcy in 2021 without the fear of loss looming overhead. 

What do you wish for in the New Year? Comment below!