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PRO: Late to Class?

...but the bell never rang!

Linnea Fawkes, Staff Writer

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Notice anything different this year at B.H.S.? Listen closely and you will recognize the bells only ring at the start of the day and at dismissal time. This new change has been quite a complication for numerous reasons.

Every morning the warning bell rings at 7:19 a.m. and fully rings for the beginning of first block at 7:20 a.m. Every afternoon at dismissal time, the school bell rings at 1:55 p.m., but nothing in between! Why you may ask?

Our school community is seeking less disruptions to the school day, yet many students and I feel that this decision is not in the best interest in helping us with time management as we transition between classes. Bells equals less tardies for students. And since  we cannot use our cell phones in the hallways, how will we be able to check the time and get to class efficiently?

Many teachers seem to like this new change because it means less disruptions and longer classes for them with less stress to end class exactly on time. Most students, like myself, find without a bell system we are operating in an untimely, confusing and less punctual environment. Students like to know exactly when class ends and begins so they can plan their time wisely and they won’t be tardy for their next class.

Bells are important and have been in existence throughout time.  Bells have rung in churches, fire departments, military bases and in traditional school houses for centuries.

Why the need for a change now? Having school bells is an efficient way to alert others when a transition needs to take place.  Alarm clocks serve the same purpose and yet we still use them.

Warning bells are a helpful tool which leads to the the success of time management and responsibility.  We should consider bringing the bells back and ringing in the new school year!


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PRO: Late to Class?