Library Renovations Proposed


Photo by Liam Russo

Although the library is often bustling with students, new plans are in the works for a complete remodel to include a cafe and brand new commons area.

Julianne Santos, Staff Writer

Have you wished for a newer, better library? A library that is more beneficial to your academics? Or are you interested in having an area at Barnstable High School to be able to work and enjoy a snack? With head Librarian Sharon Morgan’s new proposal, the library will become a place where students can utilize new technology as well as grab a quick snack or coffee.

Last year, BHS librarians cleared out more than half the nonfiction section at the library. The majority of these books date back to 1980, which is why they were cleared out.

“They simply had to go said Morgan, “some of them were completely outdated and not usable in the twenty-first century.”

The books that the librarians said were still usable were donated to a learning program at the Barnstable Youth and Community Center in Hyannis.  English teachers were also sent out an invitational email to search through the pile of outdated books at the end of the school year.

Since more than half the nonfiction section is gone, and a large empty area remains, Morgan has started to create a proposal for a change at BHS’s library that will soon be presented to the School Committee. “Something has to change; this library needs to be an area that is more useful,” said Morgan.

Morgan has started to plan a transformation of the library into a modern, technological bound space. In the future, Morgan hopes to develop a grant for a library commons. According to Morgan, the commons will include new furniture, electronics (including tablets and laptops), and an area for school supplies.

“The dinosaur computers are too slow and take up too much space, we need smaller, portable computers,”said Morgan. One of the biggest additions to the library will be a cafe. According to Morgan, the cafe will be “Starbucks like.”

“I think it is a fabulous idea,” said BHS Principal Patrick Clark, “this [ library commons] will help shift the space into a better learning environment for students.”

A library commons would be an area used equally for all students. For Morgan, this shared area would be less monitered with rules. “I believe there just should be a sign in sheet, that’s it. There are plenty of kids who enjoy to eat their lunch in the library or come in just for a few minutes to print a paper,” said Morgan.