Lunch Food Has Improved But Students Find Lunch Line Inconvenient


Photo by Evan Fishback

Students wait in a long line to get their lunch.

Evan Fishback, Staff Writer

As students enter the cafeteria this year, they may notice a few things that seem  different than last year. While the lunch has remained free, the school has started to track what students are eating and how much. The system change hasn’t exactly been seamless, as lines have become something that students find inconvenient.

The line has created some issues for students who just want to grab their lunch quickly. “It’s a lot more crowded and takes a lot more time,” said senior Garrett Sheehan. Sheehan went on to say that he now waits for the line to clear out before going up and grabbing food. 

“We’re working on the line,” cafeteria worker Marion Whyte said. According to Whyte the line issue seems to have come from students not grabbing what they are supposed to get and then having to go back and get more food. Causing a winding serpent of students that swallows the cafeteria.

The cafeteria staff themselves are also dealing with a multitude of changes. The most important being that a new company now supplies Barnsable’s food production. The Abbey Group has succeeded Aramark as the provider of BHS’ lunches. On top of that major change the school is focusing on making sure that all food that students eat in a day is made fresh that same day. Sophomore Harry Clark has noticed these changes and said that he feels that the food has improved from last year to this year.

Not only are the cafeteria workers dealing with new management and a new demand for fresh food, they also have staffing issues on top of that. Whyte said that this causes some registers to be left unattended, only adding to the line issue.