Modified Step Up Day Returns


One of Tim Daley’s eighth grade history classes in session.

Daniel Botolino, Staff Writer

For years at Barnstable High School students have looked forward to the one day in June where they receive their schedule and get to visit each class that they will be in next September. “Step-up Day” was an opportunity for students to get to meet the students in their classes in the upcoming fall as well as start to build a relationship with their new teachers. But for the past two school years Barnstable High was not able to put this event together, due to COVID-19. 2022 marks the return of Step-up day,but this year no current at high school students will get to experience this.

On June 24, the current seventh graders at Barnstable Intermediate School will make the walk over to BHS at 8:30  where they will be greeted by BHS students and staff. Eighth grade history teacher,Tim Daley, believes that it is very important that the new eighth graders have a step up day because it’s a chance for them to see the school. 

Guidance counselor James Buckman explained that this event gives students “Closure to their school year.” He also believes it helps relieve some common questions and fears for the new students. Buckman has seen that common questions are “Will I get lost. How will I know where to find my classes?”

Assistant Principal Scott Pyy has similar goals for the event as he explained in an email to staff that “Our goal is to have rising grade eight students leave excited and less nervous about their transition to BHS.” He wants to welcome the new students and provide a positive glimpse into what is ahead for these students

Although there will likely be events and opportunities during the summer for students to come to Barnstable High, see the school, and get familiar with it, step up day is their first introduction to the school. Before the students leave the school they will be given a Red Hawk T-Shirt and information about clubs and athletics at the high school. 

As for the future of step up day, it is still in question. In an email sent to staff and students earlier this month, Principal Elizabeth Freedman wrote “I have gotten feedback from staff and students both pro and con for doing a step up day for grades 9-12 and we will make sure we gather more feedback going forward.”