Fans Thoughts: The 2021-2022 Boston Celtics


Photo by Daniel Botolino

TD Garden was buzzing all playoffs.

Evan Fishback, Staff Writer

The Celtics’ incredible run came to an unsatisfactory end, losing in six games to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. For those who followed the team all year long though, nobody would have expected them to be anywhere close to where they wound up – two games away from winning it all. 

This past series wasn’t exactly one to write home about since the Celtics had 22 turnovers, leading to their elimination in Game 6. Throughout the series the Celtics’ defense showed why it was the best in the league, holding the Warrior’s offense to 104.8 points per game. The issues came on the offensive side of the ball, and the constant failure to get a bucket when one was needed.

Halfway through January the Celtics sat at the 11 seed in the Eastern Conference and many fans were just hoping for a playoff appearance. There were calls to split up Tatum and Brown, but credit to President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens and the front office for believing in this group and adding subtle pieces that helped turn around the team.

Adding Derrick White at the trade deadline left some scratching their heads, but this postseason he shined bright as the first guard off the bench. He did the little thing to contribute to winning as well as somehow catching fire from three in a few huge games. The ability to get rid of Enes Freedom and Dennis Schroeder also allowed for the Celtics to stake themselves as one of the more dominant defenses in the league.

The feeling of losing in the Finals is deflating and no one knows what to expect from next season, but I feel that there’s a glaring weakness that needs to be addressed this off season. That is the lack of a true floor general. At times this year the Celtics were able to get away with a lack of clear leadership on offense, but in the Finals their offense ground to a halt and they failed to produce anything in the half court. 

While there aren’t many of those guys that are available or, if they are, they are too pricey for what I’d be willing to give up. My ideal target is Malcolm Brogdon, he doesn’t fit the Pacers’ timeline and has playoff experience. He can play defense and, most importantly,he has experience as a true lead guard and playing as a floor general. I think something centered around Pritchard with Thies’ salary, Nesmith, a pick and a trade exception would be enough to get it done. I wouldn’t mess with the Celtics’ core in any way, so if Indiana asks for more than that for Brogdon, I’d put the kibosh on it.

The Celtics still are a championship contender, but the East is only going to get better, so improving on the margins is going to be crucial this off-season. The last thing the Celtics can do is assume that they will be back next year, nothing is guaranteed.

As long as this group stays healthy and together, which are both big ifs, we could be looking at a team that is built to contend for years and years to come. If they can add a solid true point guard to our rotation, those chances only go up.