Insight Magazine Now Available!


The first ever issue of the Insight Student News Magazine.

Daniel Botolino, Staff Writer

Dear Readers,


From the time BHS Insight was created more than 40 years ago, it has been the official student newspaper of Barnstable High School. The staff at Insight published a newspaper for the students at BHS five times a year. That all changed in March of 2020. Like with so many other things, we had to take a pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When we finally did return to school we felt it would be a good opportunity and more effective to produce stories for our website,, only because we were in school less and couldn’t work together. 

Then in the fall of 2021, we made the decision to switch from a newspaper to a magazine as well as keep our strong online presence. We made the decision to switch to a magazine because we felt we needed to keep up with the times. The truth is that newspaper popularity has been declining significantly in recent years. We saw it first hand before the pandemic around our school and thought that this would be an appropriate time to debut a magazine. Now, this was not an easy decision. In the fall staff members spent time going around the school asking students whether they were more likely to read a magazine or a newspaper. We also posed this question to our Instagram followers and, finally, after discussion we made this decision. The content you will find in here will still be similar to the content you are used to with the focus being on happenings around our school such as our feature on the culinary classes or our profile on fashion student Jed Cormier. On our website or our student news source app you will find more news and timely stories. We will continue to be active on our website with timely news going on there. We hope you enjoy our new magazine as much as we have enjoyed creating it. 



Daniel Botolino

BHS Insight Editor-in-Chief

For any questions, or suggestions please feel free to contact [email protected]me