Field Update


Photo by Ava Lubash

The current state of BHS’ turf stadium.

Ava Lubash, Staff Writer

In hopes of warmer weather, the new turf is set to be finished by April 1st, coinciding with the beginning of the lacrosse season. 

This process began because the turf simply reached its performance ability. There is no sudden cause that inflicted this, the field has just been around for too long. 

“The new turf will have logos and graphics and is a definite upgrade from our last one. With proper upkeep and maintenance it should last about ten years,” said Scott Thomas, BHS Athletic Director. 

It’s safe to say that some players were upset to be absent from their normal field this year, but most feel it is worth it for the next year to come. 

“Playing football this past fall just didn’t have the same energy as playing on our field with the student section and everyone cheering for you. On our old field the stands were closer and louder,” said Alex Fontaine, senior football player, “The energy just wasn’t the same, but I’m glad it will be back next year for the underclassmen.”

Thomas mentions that a new track will be put into place this summer and completed by fall. The spring track team will have to make adaptations this upcoming season. The girls track coach, Keith Caldwell, mentions that the team will have to practice on the current track around the construction. Unfortunately, they most likely won’t be able to have any home meets, but Caldwell is grateful for the space to practice at least.

“I am really excited for the track to be replaced,” said Callie Dedecko, sophomore track runner, “It is in pretty rough shape right now and I think it will help attract more people to use it.”

Liz Rodolakis, junior track runner, said, “Obviously I wish the new track would have been placed already so we could have it for this season, but I understand that it couldn’t. Next year will be refreshing to have a new track though.”

Thomas explains that with warmer weather arriving, the turf should be well on its way and ready to be used this spring.