Editorial:New Year’s Resolutions


Photo by Alex Arabadzhiev

An example of the conditions some of the books BHS students read in English class.

Alex Arabadzhiev, Staff Writer

On the first day back from school, the Insight staff created a list of New Year’s resolutions that we would like to see in our school. We are going into year 3 of COVID-19 and we want to improve our school and its culture. Hence, here is our list of things we’d like to see improve in 2022.


There’s work to be done: 


  • Bathrooms Fixed

We would like to see improvements to the bathrooms.A somewhat common occurrence in the bathroom are the broken sinks, clogged paper machines and puddles everywear. The thin toilet paper and graffiti in the stalls are also commonplace. However, one of the major issues, vaping, is currently being fixed with vape detectors, which we appreciated.


  • Student Relationships

It is a shame that some students don’t know who their guidance counselor, dean or even which hub they are in. A guidance counselor is important for many students as they are a counsel for students regarding their academic and personal decisions. BHS should mandate that students in all grades have at least a yearly check-in with their guidance counselor.


  • Longer Lunches

We need longer lunches in school. According to a 2015 Harvard School of Public Health study, when students had less than 20 minutes to eat, they would consume unhealthy, less nutritious, and quick foods first. When the lunch period was over, they would throw more nutritional items, such as fruits and vegetables, into the garbage completely untouched.


  • More consistent mask breaks/ masks off by Memorial Day

Where have the mask breaks been? Ever since the first week of September mask breaks have been a rarity. Students need consistent mask breaks to get a breath of fresh air, even in winter. Our hope is that by Memorial Day, masks are not a requirement for entering school.


  • Better Technology

Back in November when the school gave us new chromebooks, they were supposed to be new and improved. It turns out that the newer chromebooks’ battery drains faster. Not to mention that students can’t access youtube to supplement their learning.


  • Better books taught in English class/ Better condition of books

The standard curriculum of reading Oedipus, the Odyssey, Macbeth, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Crucible should be changed. Students either (1) read the Spark Notes, (2) don’t read anything, (3) read the classic and do not understand any of it. The way classics are taught in school largely consists of giving you the book, not giving any background, and expecting you to have fully formed thoughts on the chapter they are reading for the next day. There should be an adaptation towards modern books, where students can actually connect with what they read. Also, if we are still going to read classics, at least let’s have the courtesy of reading a book that is not literally falling apart at the seams.

  • More usage of the library for ALL students

It’s a shame that all students can only use the library for a 20-minute lunch. It should be opened up more, it would be a perfect place for students to do their homework after school. Also, maybe the library every year can show students their collection of books, as only a fraction of the student body even has a school library card.


  • Student Behavior both inside and outside the classroom

Inside the classroom, students should be better at not being so glued to their phones while a teacher is teaching and also give the courtesy of removing earbuds during class time. It is not fair to both the teacher and it is a detriment to your learning as you’re not fully focused. Student behavior also in the hallways also is an issue due to the occasional fights or verbal abuse between students. 


  • Barnstable Sports Teams go on deep playoff runs

For football, while the regular season for the Redhawks is very good (as evidenced by this season) when it comes to the playoffs, they can’t seem to advance after the first playoff game. Hopefully in the coming season, the team can really turn it on in the playoffs. For girls volleyball, we’ve been spoiled over the years with multiple titles and we hope that can continue. Both boys and girls hockey and also baseball haven’t seen deep runs in the state playoffs as well. Hopefully come playoff time, our schools can have a variety of sports teams to root for!


  • More Insight writers

Want to express yourself and voice your opinion on issues regarding school and the general world? Then Insight is the place for you! You will learn how to write and edit a variety of stories, from breaking news to student profiles, while learning first hand about the newspaper industry. Plus, you get the chance to be a part of our amazing team!  Shameless plug, but there are spots available for this elective for the next school year.  See you English teacher or guidance counselor for more information.


Things that are working:


  • Principal communication

Principal Freedman every week has sent students a weekly update with reminders. It is the little things like that that make a big difference in the eyes of students. Also she has been truly transparent and has turned some of Barnstable’s worst days into a teaching moment for all students to learn from.


  • Continued gracious adaptation to our new name and mascot

Student acceptance to our new school name and mascot has improved dramatically ever since Barnstable got rid of its former name and logo. Sports teams are seen wearing Redhawks jerseys and we recently welcomed  Barney the Redhawk mascot into our school.


  • Improved opportunities for students

Barnstable now has 10 student pathways ranging from business to environmental technology. In these pathways students can receive certificates and also receive proper accreditation for their work. There are also outside of class opportunities with internships available in many of the pathways.


  • Teachers who have been creative and have been interactive with students

Let’s face it, during the past two plus years, teachers have had a tough task keeping students engaged and motivated to do their work. We applaud all of the teachers who have thought outside the box to educate us students during the difficult times.


  • Substitute teachers

With COVID-19 a major threat to people’s health, we applaud the substitute teachers who come into school everyday and give the classroom a sense of normalcy. They have been selfless due to the fact that they are putting their health on the line, and many of the substitute teachers are older.


What else do you want BHS to keep, change, or improve in 2022? Let us know in the comments below.