Coming Soon: The Hawk’s Nest

First School Spirit Store At BHS To Open In February


Photo by Carly Steenstra

Room 2207 is where the Hawk’s Nest is located.

Carly Steenstra, Staff Writer

New schedule, new principal, new restrictions, new mascot; with all the adjustments made this year at BHS, there is still much more to come. The business teachers and students have come together and decided to start their own business for the benefit of the high school community. The Hawk’s Nest, Barnstable High’s very first school spirit store, is coming soon.

The Hawk’s Nest, which is located upstairs in room 2207, will offer a wide variety of BHS branded products, apparel and other Red Hawk merchandise. This includes a variety of t-shirts, long-sleeves, sweatshirts, hats, hoodies, lanyards, etc. The Hawk’s Nest created the new t-shirts that were given out for free to students and staff several weeks ago and they hope to do similar generosites like that in the future. 

The Hawk’s Nest is not only looking to sell customized products, they are also striving to encourage students who run their own businesses to sell their products through the store with a minimal consignment. This includes students who make their own jewelry, clothing, and more. The Hawk’s Nest is a place of opportunity for students who want to start up their own business or students who want to customize their own spirit. The store is not just looking for kids who take a class in the High School of Business pathway, they want to open the door to every student with ideas on how to expand it. 

The school store idea was first proposed by business teacher Monice Maurice, who thought it would be a great opportunity for creativity, school spirit and student entrepreneurship. Senior interns and DECA officers, Stephanie Ribeiro and Gabe DeAzevedo will be part-time managers at the Hawk’s Nest. Ribeiro talked about Maurice’s startup plan for the store. 

Maurice said, “She started filing for the grant and she got it and just asked us all students to be a part of it.” 

Ribeiro and DeAzevedo said the Hawk’s Nest is looking to expand their merchandise into an area of the Coppee shop known as the “Hawk’s Perch” and possibly starting smaller sales using a vending machine known as the “Hawk’s Kettle” (The name was dubbed because a group of hawks is called a kettle). Maurice said the Kettle will include daily necessities to offer to students like deodorant, mints, toothbrushes and hand sanitizer in addition to reasonably priced Red Hawk t-shirts. The Hawk’s Kettle will most likely be located near the gym and the goal is for it to be opened sometime in Sept. 2022. The Hawk’s Nest will also be looking into selling spirit bags. Maurice believes that will give students an easy advantage for sport and school spirit days. For example, if it was a red-out themed day, students would be able to purchase a spirit bag holding red clothing and accessories, rather than going out of the way to a different store and possibly overspending.

“The kids have done a ton of work,” Maurice said. “They helped me design the tables and benches and everything so that is their own vibe in there.”

There has been questioning whether the Hawk’s Nest will be competing with the Coppee Shop downstairs, but instead, they are much more like business partners in a larger management. The Coppee Shop is more directed towards snacks and drinks to sell to staff and students while the Hawk’s Nest will be focused on selling wearable items and promoting student businesses. 

The staff of the Hawk’s Nest will be a rotation of both interns and integrated students who currently work at the Coppee Shop. The store, located across from hub 5, will be open almost entirely throughout the school day, excluding B block because of staff schedules. 

The mission of the Hawk’s Nest is a collection of goals. 

DeAzevedo said, “The school is trying to create and really embrace the Red Hawk culture with the merchandise and also possibly working with the fashion design students, and graphic design, to really collaborate.”

Maruice said, “The Hawk’s Nest; building an entrepreneurial spirit in the heart of every BHS student.” 

As a result of a few hold backs like distribution delays, funding, and training on how to use machinery, the Hawk’s Nest is looking to open with their first line of products by February break.