Drama Club Stages Its Return

Auditions Held This Week For March Musical


The first musical since Pippin in April 2019 is coming this March.

Cece Brisbois, Staff Writer

With the interruption of COVID-19, which put a stop to the musical, “Once Upon a Mattress,” in the spring of 2020, the Barnstable High School Drama Club had yet to reconvene, until late November, when a meet and greet to bring back the once thriving theater program at Barnstable began. 

Mary Barth, the brand new Drama Club advisor, is not only an alumnus of Barnstable High School, but has been in the program since she was six years old. She recalls drama club as the highlight of her childhood, and went on to study theater in college. She even performed professionally for Walt Disney’s Epcot, and went on tour with the show “Up with the People”.  

 “This is my eighth year teaching music in Barnstable, and it is surreal to be teaching in the very school district I graduated from. When I learned that the BHSDC was looking to hire a new director, I didn’t hesitate to apply. I feel like I am coming home. Coming back to the PAC, back to the BHSDC and I absolutely cannot wait to bring it back!” said Barth. 

With much experience and passion for the BHSDC, Barth is extremely prepared to take this year’s theater program back to its glory days. 

I absolutely cannot wait to bring it back!

— Mary Barth

“As someone who has also been in Drama club since I was six years old, like Ms. Barth, I’m excited for it to be back, especially with a new advisor who has been where us drama club students are now,” said junior Ellie O’Toole. “ I am so thrilled to be able to get back on the stage and perform.” 

The Drama Club has big plans for a new spring musical. The spring musical this year will be “Shrek the Musical”. “Since we are already at the end of November, this year I plan on an amazing spring musical in March and we have a little something up our sleeve for April/May as well,” said Barth. 

Auditions were held December 7 and 9, and opening day for “Shrek the Musical” will be on March 24, 2022. Auditions will be open to everyone, and anyone interested in acting or singing should attend. 

As COVID-19 is ongoing, actors and actresses will be required to wear masks and follow basic COVID-19 protocol. 

 “I do not foresee an issue with wearing masks. We have body mics for the actors and many local and school theater companies have been wearing masks in their performances without skipping a beat,” said Barth.