“Red (Taylor’s version)” vs. “30”

Kenzie Vetorino, Staff Writer

My mom always says you can live your life through Taylor Swift and Adele, two of the most well known women in the music industry. Both recently came out with their new albums. Swift released “Red (Taylor’s Version)” on Nov. 15, and Adele released her album “30” on Nov 19. These women have written so many songs that many people can listen and relate to.  

Swift has done it again, she not only came out with the songs in the original album “Red”, but with 10 new songs that came from “The Vault”. According to Capital FM, a radio station for the UK, Swift’s ‘Red’ album is said to have been inspired by her breakup with ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. She released the first “Red” album in 2012, following a three-month relationship with Gyllenhaal that ended in January 2011. She was 21 and he was 30. In this new album Swift includes a message from herself at the end stating what the album is all about. 

“Musically and lyrically; Red resembled a heartbroken person; It was all over the place; A fractured mosaic of feelings that somehow all fit together in the end; Happy, free, confused; Lonely, devastated, euphoric, wild; And tortured by memories past. These are the original thirty songs that were meant for Red. I love you guys.” said Swift.  

Swift’s songs that were all on the first album “Red” were just as great as they were the first time, but Swift really made this album her own by adding the new songs. In my opinion, the 10-minute version of the song ‘All Too Well’ is the best on the album because it is a good song to just scream at the top of your lungs. This is just another version of the original ‘All Too Well’ ,but this version is where Swift fully goes into the story of her relationship with Gyllenhaal, and how he still has the red scarf that she left at his house. 

While I thought Swift’s album was amazing, Adele’s new album “30”, was not worth the hype. The only song on the album that I felt was worth listening to is ‘Easy On Me’. I just feel it was one of her better songs and more relatable than the others. I know most people will not agree with this, but Adele could have done better. Overall, not her best album. She came out with 12 new songs on the album, but I would say give it a listen and judge for yourself.

When ‘Easy On Me’ came out before the rest of the album it seemed as though Adele was going to “wow” us yet again or make us cry, but I was underwhelmed. Swift came out with an album you could both jam out to and cry to. I give it a 9 out of 10. Adele, on the other hand, gave us one great song out of 12. I give it a 4 out of 10.