Barnstable Celebrates its Senior Student Athletes


Photo by Daniel Botolino

One of the decorations at the baseball teams senior night.

Daniel Botolino, Staff Write

Every year high school sports teams pick one game usually towards the end of their season to dedicate to their senior players. These games have become known as “Senior Nights”.  Before these games players often hand flowers to their parents and get a picture while there are banners and posters all around their playing surface celebrating them. Some teams even go as far as to put off streamers or give the seniors homemade shirts. It is a way to thank these people for all their hard work, successes, and leadership. At Barnstable senior night is special, and many seniors got to experience it in the past few weeks.

The Spring sports season offered a new opportunity for seniors to celebrate. With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted spring sports athletes were able to celebrate in a new way. Barnstable allowed 50% capacity at spring sports games this year meaning players could finally celebrate with friends and more family members. 

Senior Lacrosse player Cayleigh Malone expressed her joy about this saying “Having my friends playing with me and in the stands cheering me on was really special for me.” That same feeling was in the air at the baseball team’s senior night. The students were finally able to be applauded by their fellow classmates at a sporting event, and that certainly adds to the experience. Baseball player Seamus Walsh expressed a similar feeling, specifically mentioning his teammates who had been with the Barnstable High School Baseball Program for their entire high school lives. He said “

It felt good to be honored and recognized”

— Seamus Walsh

” for their hard work and hours of dedication.