Class Officer Results For 2023 And 2025 Are Finally Announced


Ryan Christensen, Cece Brisbois and Alex Arabadzhiev. The new officers for class of 2023

Kenzie Vetorino, Staff Writer

Multiple cancellations and delays greatly affected extracurricular activities for students this school year. The classes of 2023 and 2025 not having class officers for this year are among the many school activities put on hold. All year long, advisors have been trying to organize elections for these two classes.  Edward Guazzaloca, the advisor for both classes, finally figured out some dates for the candidates to do their speeches. Then the school went into quarantine so the dates were pushed back by two weeks. 

The class of 2023 officers are Ryan Christensen as president, Cece Brisbois as vice president, Lucy Komar as secretary, and Alex Arabadzhiev as treasurer. The class of 2025 officers are Derell Allen as president, Shelby Locascio as vice president, Lexi Hunter as secretary, and Grace Curley as treasurer. The election results took longer to be announced due to votes having to be recounted. This is due to students in other grades voting for candidates in the classes of 2023 and 2025.