Schitt’s Creek is Not Worth The Hype


Daniel Botolino, Staff Writer

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian sitcom about the Rose family with two adult kids who used to be very wealthy but lost all of their money due to embezzlement. They are forced to move into a hotel in a town called Schitt’s Creek that the father bought jokingly for his son David when David was a child. The show follows the family as they try to navigate through this new life. The show ran for six seasons for a total of 80 episodes. Despite the show winning multiple Emmys, I question if they deserve them.

The dad is named Johnny Rose and he is played by Eugene Levy. Johnny is my favorite member of the family, and he seems to be responsible for gaining the family’s wealth as the owner of a VHS rental store and now he is responsible for leading them in this new life. He has to parent his adult children for the first time and has to get his hands dirty for the first time. This discomfort he has with this new world and how he deals with it is one of the funniest parts of the show. His wife, Moria is played by Cathrine O’Hara. She is definitely not my favorite character. Moria is not a good parent and does not seem to work hard for her kids, and I have never found that funny. She loves her fancy clothes and her wigs and she can be over the top when it comes to those things. She can be funny for an episode or two, but she is so emotional that it hurts the rangeability of the show. 

Her son is David who is played by Johnny’s real-life son, Dan. I like David; he is quick and sarcastic which is my type of humor. His resistance to doing new things in this small town is funny without being too much like his mother. He is also pansexual and I think the show does a great job of handling this. Television shows have a tendency to make characters’ sexuality their entire personality and David is not that. Finally, we have his younger sister Alexis played by Annie Murphy, who is a bit of a girly girl. She is a crazy boy, and always thinks they are checking her out. Her need for attention can sometimes be annoying but, overall, it makes me laugh.

Those are the main characters, but there are also other characters that I like. One of my favorites is the motel receptionist named Stevie. She is a very sassy girl with a very dry sarcastic humor who becomes friends with David.. They are polar opposites which is what makes their friendship so fun. Another character I like is the town’s mayor Roland, and he doesn’t look like a mayor nor does he act like one. He does not have great social skills and is very confident but at times can be a bit vulgar. Those are similar traits to the others but he has them in a different way. The final character that I am a fan of is Ray. He is a real estate agent in the town, but really he does a little bit of everything. He is not in every episode nor is he the star, but in a way that is similar to Kevin Malone in The Office, he makes the most of his opportunities. 

The show’s plot is interesting, and without spoiling too much the show ends in a fairly basic, not unique way. That is not to say that it is bad but rather something you could probably see coming. The issues in the show are fairly consistent with Alexis and David struggling in relationships, and the family getting used to not having everything fancy. The show does not revolve around any of my interests but despite that, it is fairly entertaining.

My final thoughts are that Schitt’s Creek is good, not great. It does not compare anywhere close to great sitcoms like The Office or Seinfeld. Instead, I would put it more in the community range. A show that will make you laugh sometimes, does not carry rangeability but makes for great background noise.