Jersey Mike’s Cheap Delicious Sandwiches


Photo by Nick Kalli

An unwrapped regular Jersey’s Mikes sandwich.

Nick Kallipolites, Staff Writer

This sandwich chain just moved into the mall a few months ago, and they brought their delicious food with them. My order was the #8 Club Sub, which includes provolone cheese, applewood smoked bacon, ham, turkey, and mayonnaise. All subs automatically come with “Mike’s Way,” which is their signature formula of onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and a red wine vinegar plus olive oil blend. When you order online, you have the option to modify basically any part of the sandwich. If you don’t want Mike’s Way or want something added to the base sandwich, you can scroll down and find what you like. In addition to your sandwich, you can add a bag of chips and drink to your order as a combination. If you think the sandwich will be more than enough for you, I don’t recommend adding it, but it’s always there if you’re feeling thirsty or want some sort of side.

There are multiple sizes you can choose from — mini, regular, and giant. If you are only ordering for yourself, I recommend the regular. One time I ordered the giant thinking I could eat most of it and save the rest for leftovers, but I was sorely mistaken. It was ginormous, and I could eat only half of it before feeling stuffed. 

By default the sandwich includes olive oil and a red wine vinegar blend. While that does not subtract from the sandwich in any way, it makes the sandwich feel “wet.” The olive oil also adds over 250 calories to the meal. Removing the oil and wine makes the sandwich dry and I recommend it since it makes less of a mess. 

Jersey Mikes offers every type of dining option — you can either dine outside, pick up your order in the restaurant to go, or curbside. Curbside ordering is only available online, which can be selected before you finish your order. If you want to you can go to the restaurant and order in-person, but if you don’t feel like standing around waiting, just order online. Their service is tailored specifically for what you need. Picking up is as simple as walking in, saying to an employee that you’re picking up for whatever name, and if your order is prepared, they will hand you a bag from a shelf with all the sandwiches inside. Since you pay online, you can walk out after that. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this sub and would gladly order it again. The combination of greens, meat, and bacon made it delicious without making it horrifically unhealthy. Even though there were a lot of ingredients in the sandwich, the bread was strong and kept the entire thing together. Only a few pieces of lettuce fell out of my sandwich, which is natural for any meal. 

This restaurant earns an A+ for extensive customization for your order, good food, and an easy pickup experience. You cannot go wrong from ordering a sandwich from here.