Q&A With Crew Commit Teagan Dymek

Abby Olsen, Staff Writer

As of this week, there are multiple BHS seniors who have committed to play a sport at the collegiate level in the following year. Insight is seizing the opportunity to interview these athletes throughout the spring as they prepare for the next phase in their athletic careers.

  •  Where are you committed?

Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT (Division I)

  •  When did you start rowing?

During the summer of 2018, going into my sophomore year. 

  •  Did you always have a passion for crew?

Yes, I have always had a passion for crew, but I grew up swimming and playing volleyball. 

  • Was there a moment or time when you realized that crew was something that you wanted to pursue collegiately?

After I had completed the summer learn to row program here on Cape Cod, I realized how much I enjoyed the sport and being a part of such an amazing and supportive team. The coaches instilled in me the love for the sport and I decided that I wanted to row collegiately. 

  • What is your favorite thing about the sport?

I really enjoy being a part of a team and I love the exhilarating feeling I get when the boat is moving quickly across the water. Rowing allows me to clear my mind and get rid of unnecessary stress that I have- it is a way to escape any problems that I have. 

  • What is the greatest lesson that you have learned from crew?


With perseverance and dedication, you can achieve great things. In the end, when you can no longer compete, it is the mark you have left on the people you have met and interacted with that really matters. Ultimately, I want to leave a mark of positivity and determination on those I have met. 

  • What are some goals that you have for college crew?


My top collegiate rowing goal is to row as a part of the top varsity boat and medal at the championships. Another goal I have is to be the strongest and most competitive athlete that I can be. 

  • Is there someone or something that has inspired you in your sports career?


The biggest inspiration in my life and in my rowing career is my older sister. She is a Division I athlete who has competed nationally and internationally while balancing a heavy academic load. Another inspiration in my rowing career are the coaches that I have worked with from Cape Cod Youth Rowing.

  • What has been your biggest achievement in crew?


My biggest achievement in crew was competing at the Head of Schuylkill in Philadelphia, PA. 

  • What are the challenges that you have faced or obstacles you’ve overcome in getting where you are today?


Some challenges/obstacles that I have faced are being told I am too short for the sport, as well as being told I am not recruitable because of my height, and having to battle the preconceived notion that because I am short, I can not be a powerful rower. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

  • What about your sport motivates you the most?

Being a good teammate and friend motivates me, as well as the drive to being the best and at the top of my sport. 

  • Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

The night before a race, I always take some time to visualize how I hope the race will go. 

  • What are other interests or hobbies that you have?


I enjoy swimming, playing volleyball, working out at the gym, getting coffee, and going shopping.

  • Do you have a piece of advice for aspiring young athletes?


If you have a dream, follow it and don’t let people tell you that you can not achieve that goal. Don’t let people drag you down. Always push yourself to be the best athlete that you can be, even if it is challenging at times because the end result will be great.