A Senior’s Farewell to BHS


Photo by Christmaelle Vernet

Christmaelle Vernet with friends throughout her years at Barnstable High School

Christmaelle Vernet, Staff Writer

Dear Barnstable High School, 

I remember walking through your crowded halls as a seventh grader in June on Step Up Day wondering how I would ever find my place in high school? Fast forward to September, that anxious feeling remained as I scanned the PAC for my assigned TGA. During that eighth grade welcome ceremony, I only remembered two things: How nervous I was and Mr. Clark telling all of us “These five years will fly by before you know it.” I remember almost wanting to laugh out loud in disbelief, but over five years later I can definitely say Mr. Clark was right.

Over the course of these few years, I have watched myself grow from a timid bespectacled preteen too afraid to step out of my comfort zone to a matured young woman; while simultaneously watching peers that I have known since elementary school become young adults as well. Amidst the craziness of attending a public high school, I can definitely say I have made a multitude of memories and met even more unforgettable people who were there for me when I was at my worst. Getting involved significantly improved my high school experience, whether it was writing about topics I was passionate about for the school newspaper or tasting creme brulee as a part of the French Honor Society.

A few memories that defined my high school experience were attending my first honor roll event… shoutout to Wacky Chad, taking wayyy too many classes in the eighth grade, and most importantly overcoming my struggles with math. Bringing me to my next point of how it’s ok to not be good at something right away. My freshman year, I don’t recall ever having any grade over a 70 in my Algebra 1 class, but I kept working at it, and over time I got better. One thing that I noticed is that it is very easy to want to compare yourself to your classmates in high school. I remember wishing I could overload on honors and AP classes like some of my classmates were but overall I just wound up biting off more than I could chew. Finding balance between challenging yourself and taking classes you enjoy can set you up for success during these five years. 

Making connections with my teachers proved to be very helpful in my high school career. Even if it’s just one teacher or a guidance counselor, having staff members that I felt comfortable within the building helped me whenever I was having a hard time. 

 If I could describe my five years of high school in one word, I would describe it as bizarre. Even with that being said,  I truly wouldn’t change these past few years for anything. While there were difficult times, I believe that everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t be who I am today without the experiences I’ve had along the way. I learned many hard lessons about life while in high school. I learned that you need to put in what you wish to receive and that not everyone is your friend. It is essential to find the right people to be in your corner while in high school. 

As my weeks as a high school student starts to dwindle, remembering how far I’ve come during the past few years has made the reality that I am going to move forward as a young adult in society in only a few months all the more real. I am 100% ready to move on from high school and start my future but at the same time, it’s bittersweet. I will miss the familiarity of it all, my friends, and stopping to talk to past teachers in the hallways. Overall, while I am grateful for this new chapter in my life I also offer my biggest adieu to the one that’s closing.


Christmaelle Vernet