BHS Students Adjust to Fully In-Person Learning


Photo by Cece Brisbois

BHS students adjust to a fully in-person schedule for the remainder of the school year.

Cece Brisbois, Staff Writer

Since March of 2020, students and teachers alike had not returned to full in-person learning for everyone till now, May 3. A year and two months later after the pandemic hit, the school is now ready to open and let everyone back in safely. Since so much time has passed this adjustment has been new and unfamiliar grounds for many parents, students, teachers, and administration.

Annie Kennedy, a sophomore, said the school made a smart choice on allowing full in-person instructional time to everyone. “Despite waking up early, going back to school full time was a successful decision because participating in classes online was tiring and made it extremely hard to focus.” 

Kennedy added that she is happy to see her friends all together again and has seen a spike in her attention and ability to focus in class and learn in this new setting. Some students even claimed that distractions are greater at home: From parents talking, dogs barking, or siblings crying, some students have had trouble focusing on the learning. 

“It is easier to stay on task and absorb what the teacher is saying in person,” This is the same for many others who might have struggled academically online and have seen an increase in educational improvement just from the last week, Kennedy said.

Students complain about one-way hallways as being an added stress to the already hard transition. Many believe, like Grayson Pina, a junior, that the hallways slow down. “The one-way hallways, even if enforced, are not preventing the spread of Corona. Many people still walk close to each other and the one-way hallways create an even more crowded space with everyone only being able to go one way,” Pina said. Kennedy agreed “One-way hallways create overcrowding and frustration for anyone who is trying to get from class to class.”

As for lunches, students describe them as boring and uneventful. Pina said “ Lunch was the best time to socialize with your friends and have fun after learning and working. It was good and I needed a break. Now it is just another 30 minutes of sitting at a desk in silence.” “Lunches I wouldn’t say are unsuccessful, just not natural.  Meaning, not being able to be near friends and socialize is definitely challenging.  When I am at lunch I feel bad for students,” said Hub 5

“One-way hallways create overcrowding and frustration for anyone who is trying to get from class to class.”

— Annie Kennedy

Dean Ho Yin Yuen.  

He did disagree with the one-way hallways claiming them to be successful along with dismissal, RFID cards, and masks. “I have really enjoyed being back in school full time! Seeing and hearing busy halls and classrooms makes it feel a little bit normal. For me it feels exciting,” Yuen said.

“ From the teachers’ perspective, I think initially the hybrid was very challenging.  However, there was a definite development of excellent rituals and routines which worked out.  With that being said, I think teachers too really enjoy having all students in front of them and in one place.”