College Athletes Dish Out Some Advice About Sports At The Next Level

DiSarcina playing baseball at UMASS Dartmouth

Photo by (Contributed)JR DiSarcina

DiSarcina playing baseball at UMASS Dartmouth

Daniel Botolino, Staff Writer


Senior high school athletes around the country are currently making a decision that will determine the future of their designated sport: what college they will represent. . Many Barnstable High School alums have gone through that process and have started for their universities. Finding a college to represent is an easy choice for some, but  for others, college sports are a whole new ballgame.

Something that is a common adjustment for new college athletes is the amount of time they spend working on their sport  in college  compared to high school.

2019 Barnstable graduate and current volleyball player at Bryant University, Riley James, said, “the time commitment in college athletics is a lot bigger than high school between practice, games, lift and conditioning and off season commitments.¨ 
According to James, high school athletes tend to not realize the amount of sacrifices they have to make when they are playing at the college level. UMass Dartmouth baseball player JR DiSarcina reiterated that message. He agrees that practice is year round and as soon as you come to school after summer break you have to be prepared.

There are some differences that the athletes like about college. Colby-Sawyer sophomore

the time commitment in college athletics is a lot bigger than high school between practice, games, lift and conditioning and off season commitments.¨ ”

— Riley James

Grace Walsh prefers the schedule in college to the one in high school. ¨You’re not in class for eight hours a day like in high school, so you can focus on your practice and be able to do homework before or after,” Walsh,  said. 

James also enjoys the support athletes are able to receive athletically and academically. Since everyone around her wants her to succeed, James said she has greater motivation to be successful.

The academic aspect can also be challenging to balance when playing a sport in college. Both Walsh and James agreed that organization and being able to prioritize are vital skills in order to have success with their classes.

¨Prioritizing and keeping track of your schedule every week will keep you on track,¨ James said. In order for a player to stay on their team and keep playing, they have to maintain an acceptable academic record.

Something that many Barnstable student-athletes are going through right now is the recruiting process. BHS alumni went through the same process. ¨Reach out to coaches early, with your position, game schedule that they can come to,” Walsh said.  super important to get game film to give to coaches. James had an unique recruiting process as she was the 2018 Massachusetts Gatorade Player of the Year and committed early on. In her experience it took hours of contacting coaches, making highlight videos, researching schools and going on visits.