Taylor Swift’s Re-Recording Of Fearless Is Here


Cece Brisbois, Staff Writer

Only four month after coming out with her ninth studio album, “evermore,” Taylor Swift is back with re-recordings of her previous albums. After producing albums in almost all genres, from country to pop to indie, Swift has decided to re record her second studio album, “Fearless.” Not only does it include her original songs sung again, It also includes six new songs straight from the vault, meaning never released. Dropped on Friday, April 8, “Fearless” (Taylor’s Version).left many fans nostalgic and stunned by Swift’s maturity and growth in her voice over the years. 

Swift starts her album off with Fearless (Taylor’s Version). The first lines are “There’s something about the way the street looks when it’s just rained.” While the first new song “You are all over me” which is part of the  new released From the Vault songs, begins“ When the last drop of rain has dried off the pavement.” Swift, who continues to drop lyrical hints in all her songs, gives us a parallel of her new beginnings and reclaiming her songs as her own. This is mostly due to the fact that Swift has complete control over the re-recordings, unlike the originals when she was run by a management company, Big Machine, when she was only 15. 

Swift’s voice has grown into a much deeper and richer sound making the re-recorded albums feel more sophisticated and grown up. With the start of her album we go through the list of her re-recorded records, including “You Belong with Me,” “White Horse, and “Love Story.” My personal favorite out of the re-recorded pieces has to be “The way I loved you.” It shows the story of how love can take many different forms and how true love can come with its difficulties.Swift expresses that thoroughly with another one of her shocking and beautiful lyrics that always seem to catch an audience. 

After finishing the 20 original Fearless songs, listeners start to get into her never released songs (from the vault). My favorite from these has to be Mr. Perfectly Fine, which dives into Taylor’s pettier side as she says Mr. 27 times, due to the fact that allegedly, Joe Jonas, her ex, took 27 seconds to break up with her over the phone. Mr. Perfectly Fine is an upbeat song and fun to dance to but also explains the heartbreak of losing someone you trusted and loved. At the end of the song though after singing about the breakup, she ends the song singing “Goodbye Mr. Perfectly Fine.” Showing her evolution of moving on and growing up, sort of like what her album represents. Same with  the re-recorded  “White horse” where Taylor realizes her worth and sings “I’m gonna find somebody someday who actually treats me right.” and claims “it’s too late to catch her now,”    

Although Taylor Swift might get stereotyped into only singing about her exes, (which is extremely sexist considering no one says that about male artists who sing about their exes), she knows how to touch someone’s heart with lyrics and her voice. Her album ranges from breakup songs, to having a great day with her family, and to  finding the love of her life. I believe everyone can find a song to enjoy from “Fearless.”