New Show Ginny And Georgia Causes Controversy


Sailor Ciluzzi, Staff Writer

The new Netflix series Ginny & Georgia has taken over the internet with its charm. This show was deservingly ranked the number one show on Netflix for 19 days, reaching an epic Netflix milestone. 

Ginny & Georgia is a guilty pleasure, I’m not proud that I love the show, but I can’t deny the fact that I watched it twice within four days. 

This TV drama series is about a mother-daughter duo that’s moved to a new town in New England. The teenage Ginny is exploring her identity in high school, which turns out to be more difficult than imagined due to the actions of her mother, Georgia, who can’t seem to get her life together.

For me, the star of the show is neither Ginny nor Georgia, but instead Felix Mallard who plays Marcus Baker. He instantly won me over with his bad boy personality and good looks. His character started trending on the social media platform, TikTok … or maybe he was just on my “for you” page because of my obsession with his fictional character. 

Other favorite characters of mine were Brianne Howey, who plays Georgia Miller, and Raymond Ablack who plays Joe. Miller is a young mom struggling to raise Ginny and her younger brother Austin on her own but gets by through scheming, cheating, and illicit affairs. Joe is the owner of the Blue Farm Cafe in the show; he is a friend to Georgia but anyone with eyes can see that he is secretly in love with her because of something that happened in the past that none of the audience knows about. 

Ginny & Georgia is very entertaining, but it does have its fair share of cringey scenes, and that starts and ends with the character, Hunter Chen. Mason Temple plays Chen and I almost feel bad for Temple because he plays the single most awkward and weirdest character in the series. 

Surprisingly, this series does have some controversy surrounding it due to a lazy, disrespectful line shaming Taylor Swift. “You go through men faster than Taylor Swift,” Ginny tells her mom. Respect Taylor Swift started trending on Twitter soon after the show was released. 

Swift tweeted her displeasure with her love life being the subject of a joke in the show. 

I am a huge Swift fan, but if Ginny&Georgia doesn’t renew for a new season because of a little comment made about Swift, I won’t be happy.