WandaVision Seems To Be A Major Hit


Evan Fishback, Staff Writer

This year Disney Plus has hinted at a few new Marvel TV series that they will release in the coming months. The first of these series was WandaVision. WandaVision seemed to be a major hit for both hardcore and new Marvel fans alike. It was rated 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

For those who are considering watching there are a few things to know. First off, don’t stop watching after the first two episodes. I know many people who stopped watching because it was “too slow” or “not going anywhere.” Once you get past the first two episodes, things start to pick up and everything starts to fall into place. 

As for the episodes following it, they are amazing. There are so many plot twists and shocking revelations as you go that it keeps you on your toes. You are never able to predict what will happen next and even if you think you could, you’re wrong. The show breaks all the norms that you think you would see from Marvel.

WARNING: Spoilers beyond this point, continue reading at your own risk

I think the sitcom structure works really well for the show, though it may confuse the viewer at first, as the series continues it becomes much more mysterious and eerier. It also proves how powerful Wanda really is and sheds more light on her backstory and history. The show is constantly twisting and turning and keeping the viewer on edge. Pietro and Agatha are two of the biggest revelations in the show and shock all who watch. 

Not only are there constant twists and turns, but it makes you feel every emotion you can think of. Whether it’s finding out that it was Agatha all along or seeing Wanda go back to visit Vision, during any given episode you can go from laughing to crying and then back to laughing in a 20 minute time frame.
The emotional rollercoaster is immaculate, and the use of dramatic irony is perfect. WandaVision makes you want to yell at your TV sometimes because you know more than the characters outside of the hex. Not only was the show great, but the theories that came out along with the show make you watch very closely.

As for what’s next for the series, it’s currently still unclear. Director Matt Shakman has not admitted to a season two coming out. If there were to be a second season, I’d be curious to see where they decide to take the show. I think that they tied a bow on the end of the first season, wrapping it up well and not really giving them an option to continue, but I do hope they keep it to one season and this could be a huge step for Marvel. Giving them the option to continue the MCU through TV series as well as movies.