Highly Realistic Alternatives for Transportation


Photo by Kenzie Vetorino

BHS Insight staff member Kenzie preparing to skate her way to New York City.

Kenzie Vetorino, Staff Writer

Is driving school not giving you any driving hours? Do you need to find new ways to get around town? Did the driving school take all your money so you need to save up? Try these different ways of getting around at a minimum cost. Granted some of these may be out of date, but they’re faster than waiting to complete driving hours. Please consider the following ways of transportation:    

  • Take the bus: it does make 74 stops but during that three hour commute you can catch up on “Grey’s Anatomy” 
  • Ride a bicycle, you could go around the world before the driving school returns your call 
  • Remember hoverboards? They may be slow but they are faster than the person scheduling driving hours  
  •  Teleportation devices, they will be around before someone answers the driving school phone  
  • Flying cars, since they will probably be around by the time you get driving hours. 
  • Walk to places, you could walk all the way across country and still not have driving hours    
  • Carpool with friends, assuming that they have gotten driving hours  
  • Ride the Hogwarts Express, and do a full seven years at Hogwarts before they give you your refund.  

And those are a few modes of transportation if you still haven’t received driving hours. I’m not sure about carpooling with friends… they might not have gotten driving hours either. You’ll also be able to save a bit of money, because the driving schools probably drained your bank account. No doubt you will probably be in your 90s before they even answer the phone but keep trying.