Matt James’s Season Will Go Down in History


Sailor Ciluzzi, Staff Writer

From the start of the 25th season of the Bachelor with Matt James, he did not have the easiest nor best time dating 30 women. He struggled with the pressure of being named the first black bachelor, and little did he know his season would blow up after racist allegations of contestant Rachael Kirkconnell spread on social media. 

Kirkconnell was accused of being a hypocrite for dating James because of an accusation that spread stating she bullied people in high school because those people liked black guys. Furthermore, she was captured in a photo at an old south antebellum party in 2018, shamelessly celebrating the old south. 

Before hearing about Kirkconnells past, she was one of my favorites and predicted she would make it to at least the top four, and possibly end the show engaged to James. 

As the season progressed, Bachelor nation saw more and more of James and her relationship, and the more time they spent together, their connection grew and flourished in the best way. 

Weeks after the racist allegations of Kirkconnell spread on different social media platforms, she finally admitted the rumors and actions she had done in the past were true. 

I was worried for James’s heart after hearing Kirkconnells statement. 

Last week, the finale aired, and it was the most dramatic episode in bachelor history. The show revealed that James broke up with contestant Michelle Young and chose to be with Kirkconnell, but he did not propose.

I thought to myself, how will this play out? Will James break up with her after learning about her racially ignorant actions?

After the finale aired, our new host, Emmanuel Acho hosted the After the Final Rose segment, and James addressed that he and Kirkconnell broke up after learning about her past. 

James said their time together after the show was like an “extended honeymoon,” but that period quickly came to an end after hearing those hurtful allegations. 

It is devastating knowing how blindsided James was, and I hope he will heal from this controversy and heartbreak. In the After the Final Rose segment, it showed James and Kirkconnell speaking for the first time after their split, and I could tell it was extremely difficult for the both of them to see each other. James said he won’t or may never be romantically involved with Kirkconnell again, they obviously still love each other, but Kirkconnell needs to work on herself and become educated. 

Moving on, Acho announced the next Bachelorette, and bachelor nation did not see this coming. He casually surprised us with two bachelorettes, Young and Katie Thurston. I am super excited for both of their seasons. Thurston’s season will air in the summer, and we will watch Young’s journey to find love shortly after in the fall of 2021.