Cheap Eats: The Buttercup Cafe


Photo by Cece Brisbois

The meal ordered by Cece and her friend Abby at The Buttercup Cafe — totaling only $28.09.

If you’re ever in the mood for a breakfast or brunch that’s delicious and cheap, I recommend the pleasant and quaint Buttercup Cafe. Located in Barnstable Village, Buttercup Cafe has a relaxing atmosphere with sandwiches varying from egg and cheese to veggie, as well as chocolate chip pancakes, and some old fashioned oatmeal.

To practice social distancing, each table is separated and many are marked as not usable to ensure the distance. Although the restaurant is tiny, I felt comfortable. Sanitizer was at the hostesses desk and we were asked to fill out a form with our names and phone number in case there was a need for contact tracing. The walls are colorful and cheerful with yellow and white walls and cute paintings. I especially noticed the baked goods table when I first walked in, lined with muffins, cupcakes, bagels and so much more. I debated taking some home for later.

The staff greeted us kindly and seated us quickly even on a busy Sunday morning. Our waiter was quick to serve us and take our drink orders. I ordered a lemonade for $2.50 while my friend Abby ordered a small iced coffee for $2.75. They refilled my lemonade generously without extra charge. I ordered three pancakes for the price of $8 with $2 extra for chocolate chips. In comparison to other restaurants, this was a very good deal for three pancakes. Other choices to add on the pancakes include blueberries, strawberries, pecan, cranberry and bananas.  Abby ordered The Avocado Benny which is an English muffin topped with avocado, grilled tomato, poached eggs, hollandaise and parmesan. This meal was $13. $10-13 is usually the average price of many meals at the cafe. She also ordered side fruit for an extra $2 coming to a total of $15 for her meal.

Our food arrived about 10-15 minutes after ordering and we dug right in. My pancakes were well made and full of flavor. They were fluffy with the perfect amount of chocolate chips and butter. It was a big serving too, and definitely worth it. Abby described her meal as “delightfully rich” and “heavenly.” We both ate nearly all of our meals.

Our final bill was $28.09 with tax for the both of us.  We were in the restaurant for about 45 minutes because of the fast service with the benefit of a tasty meal for breakfast. If you are looking for somewhere to get breakfast on a budget, The Buttercup Cafe is the place for you. I would highly recommend it by giving this restaurant a rating of an A, and would definitely say it is a cheap eats spot.