Unique Valentine’s Day Crafts and Decorations to Brighten the Mood


Are you looking for something creative to do this Valentine’s day? Well, look no further. Valentine’s Day crafts do not have to be strictly for children this year. A favorite of many is the paper-woven heart basket. All you need is two sheets of colored paper (preferably red and pink), a pair of scissors, and a stapler. The first step is to fold and cut your sheets of paper into “halves” of a heart. If you were to lay one on top of the other, they should somewhat resemble a heart shape. Next, you are going to cut three horizontal lines on each piece, making sure not to cut all the way through. Once you have done this to each piece of paper or heart half, begin to weave them together. Students recount reciting over, under, over, under in their heads while doing this. The final product should resemble a heart basket with no handle. The last step is to find some of your scrap paper and cut out a handle. Then, staple it to each side and fill up your basket with some sweet treats!

Another quick and easy craft idea involves a small mason jar and whatever art supplies you have on hand. This one is a fan favorite as well because it gives you the freedom to fill up your mason jar with whatever you want. Most people choose to decorate the jar with glitter and stickers, but others will opt for doilies and colored paper. When you are done decorating the jar, a big red bow can tie it all together. Some popular fillings include; Hershey’s Kisses, pink starbursts, candy hearts, love notes on small pieces of paper, and even trail mix.

Want to surprise your family on Valentine’s Day morning? A heart garland is a perfect craft for you. It only takes a few minutes and will bring smiles to everyone in the room. All you need is a piece of string, scissors, a hole puncher, and some colored paper. Simply cut out as many little hearts as you want and punch a hole in each. Then, thread your string through each one until the garland reaches your desired length. This is perfect to hang above a doorway or even across a room.

Last but not least, and definitely the easiest, there is always the option to simply cut out a heart and decorate it however you see fit. Glitter is always a nice touch. This is a great gift for anyone and takes very minimal time. With schools no longer doing candy grams, this is the perfect alternative for your closest friends and family. After writing a nice note on your handmade card, consider dropping it off at a friend’s or even grandparent’s doorstep.