Season Three of “All American” is Out Now

Season Three of

Danica Vernet, Contributing Writer

*Contains Spoilers from previous seasons*

“All American” is a tv show on the CW channel. The third season began in mid January. It takes place in two areas of California, Crenshaw and Beverly Hills. Crenshaw is more of a low income area filled with more people of color, gang violence,etc. Beverly Hills on the other hand is a richer neighborhood with bigger houses and nice cars. Spencer James, the main character, lives in crenshaw. At the end of his football season at his last game Spencer is pulled aside after the game by a coach from Beverly Hills high School. He talks about how great Spencer is and offers him a spot at Beverly High.  Spencer is suspicious at first  but with reassurance from his mom Grace and his brother Dillion he decides to go. 

On his first day he meets a girl named Olivia. She turns out to be the coach’s daughter. She shows him around and welcomes him on his first day. At Spencer’s first practice he doesn’t click well with the team but as the season goes on he builds a strong bond with them leading the Beverly High Eagles to the state championship, at the cost of his old school, Crenshaw losing the championship. At the end of the State championship Spencer realizes the future of his school back in Crenshaw is in trouble, he decides to make a tragic decision and leaves Beverly High and re-enrolls at Crenshaw. 

I personally have never heard of the show before watching it. It was really popular on social media and it was talked about quite often. So I decided to watch it. Immediately after watching the first couple of episodes I was hooked and watched both available seasons in a few days. I really enjoyed the diverse cast that the show has. It has such a great variety of people of color, different body shapes and sizes. Diversity is important especially in 2021, and to have a great difference of people is truly amazing. I feel sometimes shows can have a lot of unnecessary drama, but for this show I feel like it fits. I actually really enjoy the plot twists; they really changed how I felt while watching the rest of the show. 

In season two, Spencer decides to be Olivia’s partner and accompany her to her cotillion. When leaving, Spencer is shot by a mysterious driver, and Olivia is distraught as she tries to stop the bleeding and call for help. This plot twist was definitely shocking. I was actually kind of screaming when I watched the episode. It changed my perspective because he was shot in the arm so it made me wonder whether Spencer  was ever going to  get back to football. The actors on “All American” are very good at making you feel the characters emotions; when a character is angry you can feel their anger or when a character is sad you truly sympathize with them.

So far I am liking season three. It has been awhile since watching the show and it’s good to see the cast again in action. Even though I like season three there could certainly be some improvement. This season is a lot more drama filled and although I said it works with this show I don’t think it works for this season. A lot of the drama is just petty drama between characters that I feel is unnecessary. Also this far in the show I feel adding new characters to the plot is just weird. I also feel like these new characters have some malicious plan and are going to cause a lot more unnecessary drama.There are only three episodes available right now for season three and I feel that this season is going to be an interesting one. I am stuck on who is going to win the state championship this season. I plan to keep watching to find out.