Heather Martin Arrives to Meet Matt James

Sailor Ciluzzi, Staff Writer

When someone gets sent home from The Bachelor, one would think that they had their chance and that they should move on with life. Although, that is not what contestants on The Bachelor think. Heather Martin, a former contestant from Colton’s season, made a surprising appearance to meet Matt James last night on The Bachelor. My initial reaction was this is interesting. But after seeing more and more dreadful clips of her during the episode, she has to go. 

Martin was a fan favorite on Colton’s season back in 2019. She was known for never being kissed, and since night one of his season, I knew she was crazy. Martin is best friends with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Brown was the Bachelorette in 2019, and her last two contestants were Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt. Brown ended up sending Cameron home even though he is clearly one hundred times better than Wyatt. 

As expected, Brown broke up with Wyatt after hearing cheating allegations. After her breakup, Brown, and Cameron became very close friends during quarantine. She was quarantining with Cameron and James since Cameron and James are best friends. 

Martin claimed Brown told her she needed to meet James because she thinks they would be perfect for each other. First of all, I don’t know what Brown was proposing because Martin does not deserve James, and second of all, Martin can’t just strut onto the show weeks into the process expecting James to explore a connection that isn’t there.  

Martin showed up at the resort and asked the host, Chris Harrison, if she can join the show to meet James. After several days of COVID-19 testing and quarantining, Martin happily walked into the resort with a grin on her face acting as if she owned the place. She confidently smiled at the girls and insensitively interrupted James and contestant Pieper James. 

James immediately started cracking up, leaving James in an extremely uncomfortable situation. James awkwardly sat there listening and watching Martin and James impolitely laugh in her face. Martin quickly stole him from James, and they unfortunately clicked right away. 

I don’t know how James could keep Martin on the show because the rest of the girls would feel betrayed and question James’s integrity. In other words, it would be very unfair to the rest of the women if James allowed Martin to walk in after several weeks and decide to keep her along for the journey.  

Check back here next week to see if James decides to explore his and Martin’s connection.