A Fans Thoughts on the Super Bowl

Evan Fishback, Staff Writer

Sunday, February 7, marks the 10th Super Bowl that Tom Brady will be playing in. This time though, he’s representing the NFC’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, surrounded by one of the best wide receiver cores in the NFL. Representing the AFC, for the second year in a row, is the budding dynasty from Kansas CIty — The Chiefs.

This year’s Super Bowl will look much different than the ones we’ve seen in the past. For one, there will only be 22,000 fans present, which is 40,000 fewer fans than the amount that attended the first ever Super Bowl. On top of having limited fans, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be the first team to ever have home field advantage for a Super Bowl. 

This Super Bowl is more than just a game though; legacies are on the line Sunday. If Tom Brady wins, he will likely solidify himself as the greatest football player of all time. He would secure his seventh ring and would prove that he was the “Patriot Way.” While this is every New Englanders’ nightmare, just getting to the Super Bowl is an accomplishment in and of itself. Brady went to a 7-9 team and took them to the Super Bowl in just one season. 

For the Chiefs the game is just as important. Sustained success is the sign of a dynasty in any sport,  and a Super Bowl win would make it back-to-back for the Chiefs. This would take Patrick Mahomes up another tier and would have people wondering what more he can do. Mahomes is already a young superstar, he already has an MVP, Super Bowl ring, and Super Bowl MVP to his name. Another Super Bowl win would make his career that much more impressive.

Those are the QBs, but that’s not what is going to win this football game. We all know that these offenses are extremely high-powered and can be downright unstoppable at times.That’s why I believe that this game is going to come down to how the Buccaneers play the game. If the Bucs can control the time of possession and can keep Mahomes on the sideline, that’s a recipe for a win. If the Bucs get caught in a shootout though, and have to match the Chiefs touchdown for touchdown, then it’s almost certain that they won’t be able to keep up.

These teams already met once this season, in week 12, with the Chiefs coming out on top in a close one. That’s the regular season though, and everyone knows, Tom Brady is a different animal in the playoffs. Though Brady is a star in the playoffs and I would like to see him bring in his seventh Lombardi Trophy, I think the Chiefs offense will be too much for the Bucs and the Chiefs will come out on top with a final score of 34-30. Whether Brady or Mahomes wins, this Sunday is what we’ve been waiting for, Bucs versus Chiefs, Brady versus Mahomes. A clash of titans in Tampa.