How School Clubs Are Running Amidst Pandemic


Photo by Phoebe Papavasiliou

Many school clubs have resorted to virtual meetings in response to Covid restrictions.

Isabelle Bresette, Staff Writer

It is no surprise that clubs are running differently this year because of Covid-19, and many have faced obstacles in getting started again. Existing clubs are still trying to operate this year, whether that be remote or in person. Based on the information provided by the Operations office, there are 24 clubs for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Students have had to adjust to new learning environments in every way this year, so they were more than prepared to adjust the way they participate in clubs. “All my clubs are running this year, but they are all remote. Student council, Best Buddies, DECA, and Military support all communicate over zoom and have had no in-person events,” said senior Josie Ackell. 

However, some are more difficult to execute remotely. Ackell said at the first Best Buddies meeting, they were “going to divide themselves into breakout rooms so the buddies still have a more controlled learning environment. It’s difficult to make crafts and lesson plans because we need to make sure everything they will need they can find at home.” 

Club advisors are working as hard as they can to make remote activities similar to the in-person ones in the past, but that is just not always possible. 

Ackell also spoke about the difficulties with relaying information to club members because it is no longer an option to go into TGAs. Recruiting new members to clubs is another challenge officers and advisors face, and this remote schedule has made that even more challenging. 

I felt less inclined to join and participate in clubs remotely because it’s not the same as in-person meetings and activities that usually go on,” said freshman Hannah Zerbo. 

Clubs like DECA are experiencing a decline in membership numbers because of both of those reasons. DECA President Sidney Higgins reported that there are only 60 members this year as compared to 170 last year. Many of the DECA officers report that in the past, DECA has drawn in many students because it includes traveling and staying in a hotel with your friends as a bonus to the educational portion. Covid-19 regulations do not allow for an experience like that this year. 

Many students and teachers alike are experiencing remote learning burnout and logging onto yet another zoom meeting feels much harder than the past alternative of meeting in person. Because of this, there is just not as much engagement in clubs as there was in the past. Senior, Connor Brewster agrees with Zerbo, saying that he would not be inclined to join clubs if he was a freshman. “There is just no information going around and it’s hard with separate cohorts,” said Brewster. 

Adam Farrell, B2BTV and photography club advisor can attest to this as well. He said, “The numbers are down. I think a lot of students don’t want to spend any more time on zoom than they have to.”

Club advisors have already had to shift their entire curriculum in the classroom which is no doubt a difficult task, and now they are responsible for the alteration of their club as well. “It has been very difficult this year. Clubs didn’t start until around Thanksgiving and getting the word out to students has been difficult,” said Farrell. “Obviously, the biggest change is not meeting in person which limits students’ access to our AV equipment and TV studio.  I’ve had to transition to focus on what students have at home, typically mobile phones and Chromebooks.” 

Connecting with students remotely is no easy task, but the various adaptations being made are all in an effort to make things better for the students. Club advisors are working hard to create an engaging environment despite all of the challenges they are facing. When asked about the new guidelines, Farrell said, “I think adapting to a remote club is totally doable.  It’s getting the word out to students and consistent attendance that has been difficult.” 

BHS clubs are always looking for new members. Farrell gave information regarding B2BTV and Photography club for any interested readers. “B2BTV Club meets every Thursday from 3-4 and Photography Club meets every other Tuesday from 3-4 the next meeting is Feb. 2.  If a student is interested they can email me at [email protected] for a class code with the zoom link,” said Farrell.