Affordable Gift Ideas


Photo by Daniel Botolino

A thermos for dad’s coffee, which will keep it warm for hours.

Daniel Botolino, Staff Writer

Are you one of those people that wants to give quality gifts that don’t empty your bank account? Don’t worry, here are some options.



Mom’s are important. Get her something that helps her relax. A go to are slippers. You can buy a quality pair of slippers for under $20 no matter what size or color. Another great option is some beauty products, such as a charcoal mask, which can be bought for as cheap as $10. Finally, another great recommendation are bath bombs. The product that went viral a couple years ago that will turn a mundane bath into a calming spa. The bath product comes in packs of six for as little as $15.


No matter what your relationship is with your Dad, Christmas is the time to show appreciation, here are some things that say just that. First up are car mats. Dads can be very petty about keeping their cars clean so this $13 present benefits you and him. Lots of dads love coffee .Get him a thermos for his coffee. They cost as little as $15. Lastly, we have a grill set. The house griller would love some new tongs and grill cleaners and the better the kitchen tool, the better the food. This goose for around $15.


Your brother may annoy you all the time, but at the end of the day you love him and want to get a good gift. If he likes playing video games then get him a cool cover for his controller. He will love you for leveling up his skill.  You can’t go wrong with getting his favorite candy. You can get him a big bag for very cheap. If he is a college student, get him some materials. College students are frequently looking for ways to save money, so he will appreciate this gift because the $15 you just saved means more to him than you could imagine.


Whether your sister is your best friend or just the girl that lives in your house you can get her a good gift. A fun thing for her is a “Wreck It Journal” which is a journal that gives you a different way of destroying it on every page. A go to is getting her a poster of something she loves. That will decorate her room without breaking the bank.


Even though COVID-19 has caused it to be tough for most people to see their Grandparents, they still are family. Something that every grandparent loves is a framed picture of their grandchildren. Picture frames only cost as little as $10, but the sentimental value is priceless. They also love signs they can hang with messages that show they are grandparents. Those are inexpensive and almost all of them will cost under $20. That will be something grandma is going to brag about to all her friends.