Fans During Covid-19

Evan Fishback, Staff Writer

As fall sports began, the MIAA released guidelines that schools would have to follow regarding fans attending. Barnstable High School was then met with a tough decision regarding whether or not to allow fans in the stands. As the air cleared around the regulations, BHS proceeded to allow fans in the stands this year.

Barnstables athletic department came up with a multi-step process to allow fans to attend games.BHS’ athletic director, Scott Thomas, listed that the rules to attend a BHS fall sports game are as follows:  First and foremost, fans must be wearing a mask. Once spectators show up to the field they must be able to produce a field pass. Two field passes were distributed to players on the teams. Once the field pass is produced, one must scan a QR code on their phone and answer the questions that it provides. Once you have gone through this process, you may enter and distance yourself from other fans. Keep in mind this is only for home games, and no away fans are allowed to attend.

BHS english teacher, Martha Swindler, worked the gate at some of the girls varsity soccer home games this season. She said that she found very few people struggled with the QR code or the google form that followed. Swindler said that the form included questions about what the date was, what game you were attending, and what your phone number was.

Though Swindler said she received no complaints when it came to checking in, if one feels that the process above is unnecessary,  then they can just take the easy way out, sneaking in. Thomas said that as long as fans are distanced, they are allowed to stay. “We just don’t have the manpower to stay on top of it.” Thomas said, referring to the number of spectators scattered around the field.