The Perks of Being in Cohort C

Abby Olsen, OpEd Editor

          There is no question that this year’s version of schooling is unlike anything we have ever experienced; but, all things considered, I can’t really be mad at how in-class learning is going for me.

          I am in Cohort C which means that I attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but take Wednesdays at home like everyone else. I enjoy being able to go to school four days a week because as of right now, that is what feels the most normal to me. It is sad not being able to have much conversation with my classmates due to sitting six-feet apart and the whole silent lunch thing, but I am glad to at least be surrounded by my peers that I haven’t seen for seven months in some cases. 

          Being able to ask my teachers questions in class without having to send an email or unmute myself on Zoom has been very beneficial for learning and fully understanding topics during class. I am definitely a visual learner and have a hard time understanding things if they are just spoken to me, so having the ability to be hands-on in some classes is very helpful. Also I have found that I’m actually more likely to do the work and stay focused if I’m in an actual class setting. When I zoom from my house I end up being crowded by thoughts of sleep, food or other things that I could be doing because they are all just a few steps away. But when I’m at school I know that I cannot escape and there is no bed to tempt me.

          There are times in school though when I wish I were at home. For example: when I have to get up at 6 a.m. to get ready and pack a lunch that I have to eat at a desk in the cafeteria six-feet apart from everyone where talking is outlawed. While my only experience with online school has been the half days on Wednesdays and Zoom calls in the spring, I think I have a pretty decent idea of what online life is like. For me, I find it almost impossible to attentively stare at a screen for a long period of time and that greatly affects what I am able to take away from the class. 

         Yes, many of our new school guidelines and procedures are annoying. I know they are just implemented to keep us safe and they are well worth it if it means that we can stay in school and get as normal of a year as possible. I know that this year’s in-person schooling is a far cry from perfect or anything that we are used to doing, but I can confidently say that, for these reasons, I prefer it over online schooling.