Mask-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Isabelle Bresette, Staff Writer

Holiday traditions are taking on a new look this year as we navigate our way through a pandemic. With Halloween just around the corner, we’re faced with a dilemma: how can we stay safe without taking away all of the fun?

As always, exercise good judgment; stay away from large groups, wash your hands often, and remember to mask up. To encourage a socially distant safe Halloween, here are some easy ways to incorporate a mask into a Halloween costume. 

  • Health Care Hero 

This one is a no-brainer. Masks are already part of the costume, and you probably have a blue disposable one laying around to match what the health care workers wear! Grab a pair of scrubs, some rubber gloves, and maybe a plastic stethoscope, and you’re good to go!

  • Cat 

All you need is a light-colored mask, a sharpie marker, and maybe an artistic friend. This is perfect for anyone trying to put together a last-minute costume. Cat ears could be complementary.

  • Ghost

This classic homemade costume is perfect for 2020. No one will be able to see a mask underneath the sheet so you’ll be protected without even changing your costume!

  • Cowboy/Cowgirl

Nothing says cowgirl or cowboy like a hat and bandana combo. I recommend some denim, a plaid shirt, boots, a hat, and to top it off, a bandana as a face covering with your mask underneath. It’s easy to execute and possibly the most stylish of these options.

  • Spring Breakers

A Pinterest trend following the movie Spring Breakers is making a comeback due to its inclusion of a mask, to begin with. For this costume, you’ll need some sweet neon hightops, a pair of baggy pants, a bikini top, and a ski mask. Extra points if you can find a neon ski mask to match your high-tops.

  • Robber

For this costume, you can opt for a ski mask or a black surgical mask paired with some dark sunglasses. I recommend a black and white striped top with black bottoms. Throw on some black gloves as well if you have them!

  • Money Heist 

A popular Netflix series with a huge following is the inspiration for this costume. More specifically, the kidnappers in the show. The costume has it’s very own mask that looks very disheveled and ghoulish. A face covering can be worn underneath that mask for an extra layer of protection. The face mask is worn along with a red jumpsuit, just like the ones in the TV show.