The New Bryson Tiller Album


Christmaelle Vernet, Staff Writer

After three years, Bryson Tiller dropped his highly anticipated third album “A N N I VE R S A R Y”. Returning to his R&B roots, Tiller’s newest project has soared the charts since it’s initial release on October 2nd, 2020. The album consists of 10 different tracks, and following the releases of albums like “T R A P S O U L” and “True To Self” many feared they couldn’t be topped. This album has only two features, one from well known rapper Drake and a visual appearance from Neo soul artist, Kehlani. Drake is featured on the song entitled “Outta Time” which is the most popular track, at almost three million views on Youtube. 

As expected Tiller did a fairly decent job. His use of sampling was so unique and it gave him a brand new sound while staying true to his genre. I agree with many others saying that compared to the masterpiece that was “T R A P S O U L” this seemed a little lackluster. Nothing disappointed me, yet nothing surprised me. It’s just another project where Bryson is doing what he does best, which is bringing a modern twist on R&B. Tiller did take a three year hiatus and that left many wondering if he was creating yet another strong piece of work, and personally I think that is the difficult part of setting the bar so high, it makes you feel like you have to spend the rest of your career trying to top it.

 Some of my favorite tracks are Inhale, Sorrows and Next To You.  I felt most connected to those songs lyrically because he describes being in a better place while looking back on your passed accomplishments. I think Tiller demonstrates consistency pretty proficiently throughout the album, not one song feels out of place. It was a very cohesive body of work where Tiller takes a more positive and mature approach to his successes.

Overall, it’s a good album. Everyone should give it a listen if they are interested in R&B with hip hop influences. I am definitely interested in seeing where Bryson Tiller goes next with his craft.