Coronacation Activities

Payton Geraghty, Staff Writer

Here we are at week four of “Coronacation,” and while most of us would love to go out to eat at our favorite restaurants, go on a tropical vacation or go to school, we are under a “Stay at Home Advisory” by rule of Governor Charlie Baker that restricts us from doing these usually normal activities. At this point in time you may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, maybe I should start watching that Tiger Documentary everyone’s talking about”, or “Hmm, my screen time is up to eight hours a day, thanks Tik Tok.” Don’t fret if you can’t think of things to do over the month of April becauseI’ve got you covered!

1. Establish a daily routine.

photo by Margo Silliman
Senior Margo Silliman makes a slightly flawed to-do list.

According to a mental health blog called Blurt, daily routines can be an anchor. No matter what’s going on in our day, knowing that we will be having our evening meal around 6 p.m., and going to bed around 10 p.m., can be a real comfort, and beneficial to our mental health. You could mentally take stock of your daily routine or even write it down in a calendar or journal.

2. Make yourself a meal.

photo by Caroline Lewis
Senior Caroline Lewis gets creative with her meals while at home.

There are hundreds of blogs, Instagram accounts, TikTok accounts and websites that can give you quick and easy recipes to make. You could maybe even challenge yourself and make three meals a day! If you have to go out to a grocery store to buy any food, remember to maintain social distancing and, if possible, bring a mask and gloves, not only for your safety but for the safety of others.

3. Spend some time outdoors.

photo by Payton Geraghty
Senior Payton Geraghty gets outside to longboard.

Whether it is longboarding, taking a walk, running or biking, take a break from your screens and take a moment to spend some time and appreciate the beauty around us!

4. Make time for yoga or meditation.

photo contributed by Jamie Lawton
Junior Jamie Lawton offers yoga classes over zoom.

According to Healthline, meditation can reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health and lengthen attention span. Most yoga practices begin and end with a meditation too. Evoke Yoga and Cycle, Wellbeloved Wellness, and Just Be Pernille Yoga are offering online yoga classes. Their Instagrams and Facebooks have more information about times and pricing. The Yoga Collaborative in Falmouth is also offering free classes on Thursdays for teens, visit to sign up.

5. Engage in coloring, drawing or anything artsy.

photo by Hannah Roderick
Senior Hannah Roderick makes portraits of her friends while in quarantine.

This is the perfect time to make some friendship bracelets, color, draw or make a craft! Pinterest is filled with tons of ideas on how to be crafty, and there are many adult coloring books available to order online.

6. Exercise.

photo by Sadie Murphy
Senior Alexis Murphy does online workouts offered by B/Spoke.

This is a great time to do some at home workouts! Many organizations such as Peleton and BSPOKE have waived or reduced some fees for online classes. 

7. Support local businesses.

photo from the @sienarestaurant Instagram
Siena is one of the many restaurants offering take-out while unable to serve customers in person.

A lot of local businesses will be taking a hit during this time. If you can or feel comfortable, order some takeout or buy a gift card or two from your favorite local shop.

8. Catch up on some school work. 

photo contributed by Margo Silliman
Statistics teacher Julie Lariviere presents notes in google meet.

The BHS website has a lot of enrichment opportunities to keep up with academics during this time. Seniors and juniors: there are also a lot of scholarships due in the month of April. This is a great time to get those sent out to organizations!

9. Learn a new task or hobby. 

This sabbatical may be a great time for you to learn American Sign Language, how to play piano or how to sew. The possibilities of new hobbies are endless.

10. Binge a streaming series.

Netflix | Brand Assets

While this isn’t one of the most productive of tasks, there are lots of new Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime shows out there for you to watch. My personal favorites include: “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “The Good Place.”