Breaking News from “Out of Touch Weekly”


Margo SIlliman, Staff Writer

Hello and here is your weekly update on celebrity gossip and entertainment news, so you can learn about the people you live and breathe for yet who have absolutely no direct influence on your life. From the latest in the TV that rots your brain to the YouTubers we still can’t believe get paid to do that, Out of Touch Weekly is here to tell all. 

YouTubers Khai-Leigh Extraman and Brandon Brady announced their breakup this week in their joint vlog. They went on to discuss how the stress of their business put a strain on their relationship, because making videos about what they did that day just caused too much anxiety. 

“Riverdale” actor Scott Ryan is starring in a new Netflix Original movie. The first trailer doesn’t give much away, but he does appear to be shirtless and to make a much bigger deal out of his relationship than it should be. “True Love and No Sense” is projected to be a big hit. 

In terms of streaming services, new ones are coming out at an average of four per week now! This week, NBC is coming out with a new service streaming “The Office.” When fans asked NBC if it was a service for the whole channel, executives responded, “No.” Though the cost is $50 per month, it already has 5 billion subscribers worldwide. 

In the finale of season 97 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” McMyProblemsWouldBeSolvedIfI- StoppedSleepingWithMyCoworkers was killed off.  Though fans questioned the believability of dying at the hands of the hospital cafeteria Jell-O, writers claim they had already used all other possible causes of death at some other point in the show. 

Disney recently announced the decision to reboot “Phineas and Ferb,” though the characters will be adults in the new version. Critics are debating what will be worse: seeing the adult size of Phineas’s dorrito shaped head or the mass amounts of college students switching their majors to engineering. 

“The Bachelor” finale took place this week and once again it was a “shocking” ending you’d “never expect!” The two finalists declared their love for each other and left the competition, leaving the star to contemplate how maybe the show wasn’t the healthiest way to start a relationship.