Building a Duct Tape Enterprise

Entrepreneur Abigail Olsen Elaborates on her Duct Tape Business


Photo by Her Mother Probably

Abigail Olsen wasn’t just any entrepreneur, but one of the most successful and dedicated duct tape artist the world has ever seen.

Abigail Olsen, Staff Writer

In the wise words of Kim Kardashian, “If you had a business you were passionate about, you’d know what it takes to run a business, but you don’t. So don’t even act like you know what I’m talking about.” With Kardashian’s words etched into my brand, I was able to build up the confidence to turn my mere duct tape store into the thriving duct tape empire that it is today because I am indeed passionate about this business. 

Once I realized that creating all things duct tape was my God-given purpose, it was over for everyone. My journey all started at age seven when making things out of colorful duct tape suddenly became “a thing.” Since then, everything has been about duct tape.

Nothing screams “professional business owner” like my-8-year-old-self walking down Long beach to wake people and force them to buy my duct tape goods. This has been a great marketing strategy for me because when you wake someone up from a nap in the sun, they are often in a very groggy state which makes it much easier to acquire money for the product being sold. Some may have called it child labor, but I called it passion turned into a lifestyle. 

This tank top thing is just one of the dozens of hand crafted duct tape creations Olsen sells.

My duct tape brand is far superior than any other brands for almost too many reasons. An obvious reason would be my product’s durability. Spill oil? Don’t worry it won’t stain or leave any wet marks! Seam rips? Just kidding, that could never happen because duct tape doesn’t have seams. How convenient! Dropped it in the ocean? Pick that bad boy right back up and let it dry, no damage done! 

This brand is a destination for all those looking for a durable yet chic spin on wallets, clothing, bags, bracelets and so much more. The opportunities for finding the perfect duct tape pieces are truly endless.

More than a duct tape brand, I aim to create a lifestyle that embraces second grade entrepreneurs and encourages you to always follow your dreams regardless of the mad minute math test you may have the next day.

**we operate out of my kitchen and all earnings are spent at the 1856 Country Store in Centerville**